Hot, New 2015 Trends in Kitchen Design

When the cool weather sets in and before the holiday rush begins, it’s a good time to think about updating or remodeling your kitchen. If you’re building a new home, you’re already spending a substantial amount on decorating. The new concept of a minimalist kitchen may appeal to you, but you may want a classic look.

New 2015 Trends in Kitchen Design

A Trend That Will Last Or A Fad?

Some kitchen trends come and go quickly. It’s better to incorporate a few new design trends while maintaining a more timeless appearance. One thing to keep in mind is that decorating the kitchen costs considerably more than decorating a bedroom or living space, so take some time to explore current design trends for kitchens before you get started.



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Color Trends For 2015

White continues to be a classic color for kitchens. White is so popular for kitchens because it’s a versatile color. White can be the main color in a traditional or contemporary kitchen. Many designers are choosing white for appliances in minimalist-style kitchens since they seem to blend into the walls and give the room the appearance of being larger. White contrasts well with dark colors including black or dark colored appliances or natural stone counters.

When white is used as the primary color for the kitchen, it’s easy to mix and match contemporary and traditional styles and colors to create a unique look. New trends in kitchen colors for 2015 include cream for the walls and dark colors for cabinets. Use the color pallet for your decor. Cool colors to use with white are blues, grays, and greens. For a warm, inviting look, use an off-white with brown and yellow shades.

Open Floor Plans

In the past homes were built with separate kitchen, dining, and living rooms. A lot of experts in the home building and interior design industries agree that the biggest design concept in new homes is open floor plans. An open great room will replace conventional home design, and the kitchen will merge with the living room, dining area, and family room to create one open living space.


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White or Colorful Double Sinks

Most kitchens in older homes have stainless steel sinks, but one of the newer trends for 2015 is more color, and that includes colorful kitchen sinks. White has replaced stainless steel in many homes. White double sinks in kitchens feature tile counter tops in warm colors to compliment the white of the sink. Combining a white sink with warm copper or chrome for appliances can create an inviting atmosphere.

White or Colorful Double Sinks

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Metal Kitchen Fixtures

If you’re incorporating warm colored accents in your kitchen such as copper appliances and warm colored kitchen tiles with white or colored double sinks, why not do a complete makeover? Metal kitchen fixtures are the perfect choice to go with kitchen decor in warm or earthy tones. Brass or copper kitchen faucets are a nice accent for a kitchen and enhance the warm glow of the room. Oil rubbed bronze is a popular choice for kitchen fixtures and gives a dramatic touch to a classic kitchen.

Metal Kitchen Fixtures

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Metallic or Gray Kitchen Cabinets

For several decades, the trend for kitchen cabinets was neutral shades of beige and tan. In the last few years, gray or metallic cabinets have been gaining in popularity. Gray is a fresh color idea for anyone who wants to update their kitchen and has a limited budget. Painting cabinets with a coat of gray paint can change the appearance of the kitchen and give it a fresh, new look. Give your kitchen an entirely new look with metallic paint, one of the hottest trends in kitchen decor. The new metallic shades can enhance natural stone counter tops in quartz and granite.

Whether it’s a new coat of paint or a complete remodel of your kitchen, use these suggestions for the latest kitchen trends, and you can’t go wrong.

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