Property Assessed Clean Energy Program
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What is the  PACE Program?

The Los Angeles County Residential Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Program enables homeowners to install energy efficiency, renewable energy and water-saving improvements to their properties without putting any money down!

PACE is a unique financing tool that allows LA County to issue a bond to a lender, which secures funding for the installation of energy projects that are permanently fixed to the property. Homeowners then repay financing annually through an assessment on their property tax bill. PACE financing enhances home values, lowers homeowners’ energy bills, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and creates green jobs.

An advantage to this method of financing is that when the property is sold (in most cases), the assessment as well as the associated energy improvements and their utility savings stay with the house and transfer to the new property owner who gets the benefit of those energy improvements.

Learn more about CaliforniaFirst and HERO:

Who is HERO & CaliforniaFIRST 

Under the Residential PACE Program, homeowners in Los Angeles County may work with one of two county-approved program administrators, HERO or CaliforniaFIRST, to finance home improvements.

Choosing two administrators creates competition and gives homeowners more choices.

Examples of qualifying projects include high-efficiency air conditioners and heating systems, windows, cool roofs, insulation, rooftop solar panels and smart irrigation systems, to name a few.

We are delighted to offer our customers innovative financing for efficiency and renewable energy.

Imagineer Remodeling is a Hero & CaliforniaFIRST Trusted Contractor.

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Where Can I Find More Information?

To learn more about the two County-approved program administrators, please visit:

HERO Energy Efficient Future
CaliforniaFIRST Efficiency Financing 
Find out if your property is eligible for Residential PACE


Residential properties that receive a property tax bill within Los Angeles County and within the boundaries of a participating city are eligible. Find out more information about the two County-approved program administrators, CaliforniaFirst or HERO.

Examples of qualifying projects include high efficiency air conditioners and heating systems, windows, cool roofs, & insulation. In addition to rooftop solar panels, smart irrigation systems and much more.

No. Contractors must be registered with either the LA County HERO or CaliforniaFIRST programs in order to install products eligible for PACE financing. Both LA HERO and CaliforniaFIRST have many participating contractors. Consumers can decide for themselves with whom they should work to obtain PACE financing.

Qualify for a PACE Program and get 100% of your project costs covered