Artificial Turf & Interlocking Floors


Imagineer Remodeling is proud to be recognized as a leader in sale, design and installation of synthetic grass, landscaping and artificial grass and turf solutions. Whether you’re a homeowner, business owner, landscaper, installer, or contractor, you will find value in the various evergreen solutions we offer.

Discover our wide array of artificial turf options for landscape design, sports facilities, and businesses. Check out our custom sizes & colors!

When it comes to artificial turf for sports fields, Imagineer Remodeling offers the most trusted brand in the industry. Whether its football, soccer, baseball, golf, or tennis, our world-class varieties provide athletes with the safety and performance they need to perform at their best while giving field owners the durability they want to maximize the value of their investment.

Turf Types

  • Turf for Football Fields
  • Baseball & Softball Turf systems
  • Soccer Field Turf
  • Artificial Golf Turf
  • Field Hockey Turf
  • Turf For Tennis Courts
  • Turf for Multisport Fields

More Information

  • Material: PE
  • Dtex: 13000+
  • Pile height: 35 – 65mm
  • Guage: ¾, ⅝, ⅜ +
  • Stitches: 130 – 300mm
  • Density: 6825 – 31500 /m3
  • Colors: Dark green, light green, white, red & yellow

Imagineer Remodeling’s landscaping turf is the eco-friendly alternative to traditional lawns. Also called artificial grass or synthetic grass, our landscaping turf installations provide low maintenance and everlasting green beauty to your home or business year-round.

Our landscaping turf looks and feels as good as the real thing, without the costly and work-intensive upkeep. It’s also ideal for families and pet owners because it won’t absorb animal waste or other external elements. So while your neighbors are battling to keep their lawns looking healthy, manicured and green, your grass will be effortlessly pristine!

Turf Types

  • Residential landscaping grass
  • Business landscape turf and artificial grass
  • Wholesale pricing is available for landscapers and contractors, please contact us for more information

More Information

  • Material: PE + PP
  • Dtex: 16000 +
  • Pile height: 12 – 65mm
  • Guage: ⅝, ⅜
  • Stitches: 120 – 300/m
  • Density: 7560 – 31500 /m3
  • Colors: 1 tone of green, 2 tones of green, 3 tones of green, 4 tones of green (natural & brown), red, yellow, blue, and purple

Imagineer Remodeling carries a variety of interlocking flooring tiles, grass tiles, turf-protecting floors, and protective rubber flooring that integrates comfort and durability, while never compromising visual appeal. These superior interlocking tiles and rubber floor options are perfect for an indoor gym, outdoor sporting ground, or Kindergarten and are easy to install. Various options feature a durable top layer that comes in a variety of decorative styles and colors. All interlocking floors are made with a resilient recycled plastic that is resistant to moisture and can be placed directly over problem subfloors and any existing floors.

Turf Types

  • Interlocking floors for indoor and outdoor sports
  • Protective interlocking floors & turf for Kindergartens, playground or daycare
  • Garage and parking lot interlocking floor covering
  • Temporary turf flooring solutions for events
  • Interlocking grass tiles gardens, balconies, and rooftops

More Information

  • Materials: Modified PP, Modified PP + Matt finish, PE + PP,
  • More Information: size, weight, gauge, density, height and other information about various interlocking floors vary based on chose material. To find out more please contact us.
Imagineer Remodeling is your one-stop-shop for the highest quality artificial turf, grass and interlocking floors at the most affordable rates you’ll find guaranteed. Please contact us for prices and more information.