Rebuild After a Catastrophic Disaster

If your home was damaged by the recent fires, we hope most of all that you and your loved ones were able to escape unharmed. Here is a list of resources to help guide you during this difficult time.

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Helping You Rebuild After a Natural Disaster Strikes

Rebuilding after any disaster can seem like an endless highway of contradicting road signs. Especially after such a catastrophe we recently experienced. These fires touched many of us that lost their homes and are now coming to grips with the rebuilding process. That’s why we want to make you aware of valuable steps to take, as well as warning signs that you may confront, during the process of rebuilding or restoring your home. Fire is the disaster that does not discriminate. No matter where you live, the age and condition of your home, there is always the chance that a fire could occur at any time for any number of reasons. However, when fires actually do occur, few homeowners are prepared for the consequences.

Insurance Support and Resources

If your home was recently damaged by the recent fires, we hope most of all that you and your loved ones were able to escape unharmed. We understand the magnitude of overpowering emotions, you are confronting right now. Although fire spares lives, it can destroy a lifetime of precious memories and irreplaceable personal belongings.

Among the most valuable of those possessions is certainly your home, itself. If you are like many homeowners after their homes have been damaged by fire, you are probably confused and uncertain what to do next. Although it may seem unfair – and truly, it isn’t fair – having to make important, life-altering decisions during such an emotionally charged time, the sooner you make these decisions, the sooner you can rebuild and get your life to normalcy.


Repair & replace damaged and destroyed property

Imagineer Remodeling is an approved vendor with Contractor Connection network and has passed rigorous credentialing process. We are fully licensed and insured in emergency response, general repairs and disaster restoration for residential and commercial properties.

We are trained to use Xactimate software to get a fair claim settlement for you the property owner. In addition to an independent estimate for repairing or replacing damaged or destroyed property to create their own estimates. This will help level the negotiation playing field for you the property owner and help support and document their estimate.

Xactimate Software Solutions

Most Contractors and builders generally do not use Xactimate However, The best approach for getting a fair claim settlement is for any homeowner or their representative to get an independent estimate for repairing or replacing damaged or destroyed property from a reputable licensed construction professional who is trained in Xactimate, to create their estimates.

Xactimate software solutions is for every phase of a building’s life: from remodeling to totally replacing a building, from determining the cost of rebuilding a structure to preserving and repairing a home. Today 22 of the top 25 property insurance companies in the U.S. use Xactware property insurance claims tools. Xactware also provides tools to estimate personal property, emergency repairs, and more.

Architectural Designer.

Provide Insurance companies with detailed estimates

If you, your contractor, or your licensed public adjuster, are not familiar with Xactimate, you are likely to be at a disadvantage in negotiations/mediation with your insurer. Insurance companies often want estimates to be broken down in the detailed format provided by Xactimate. If your estimate cannot be compared apples to apples with an Xactimate format, you will have a hard time convincing an insurance company to pay what you are owed.

Here is an After a Fire Checklist

The following checklist serves as a quick reference and guide for you to follow after a fire strikes.

Contact your local disaster relief service, such as The Red Cross, if you need temporary housing, food, and medicines.

If you are insured, contact your insurance company for detailed instructions on protecting the property, conducting inventory, and contacting fire damage restoration companies. If you are not insured, try contacting private organizations for aid and assistance.

Check with the fire department to make sure your residence is safe to enter. Be watchful of any structural damage caused by the fire.

The fire department should see that utilities are either safe to use or are disconnected before they leave the site. DO NOT attempt to reconnect utilities yourself.

Conduct an inventory of damaged property and items. Do not throw away any damaged goods until after an inventory is made.

Try to locate valuable documents and records. Refer to information on contacts and the replacement process inside this brochure.

If you leave your home, contact the local police department to let them know the site will be unoccupied.

Begin saving receipts for any money you spend related to fire loss. The receipts may be needed later by the insurance company and for verifying losses claimed on income tax.

Notify your mortgage company of the fire.

Check with an accountant or the Internal Revenue Service about special benefits for people recovering from fire loss. Source: United States Fire Administration.

Insurance Resources

It is devastating to see our beautiful land in California burning, yet again. We are deeply saddened for those affected and extremely grateful for the brave and courageous first responders. If we can help in any way, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Here is a list of valuable links & resources to better help you find much-needed information to navigate through this difficult time:

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