Home Design Trends and Industry Changers in 2016

Creating one-of-a-kind home designs to fit your unique lifestyle is becoming a huge game changer in home remodeling and renovation industry. We are starting to see a lot more personalization within the home in areas that traditionally were not custom-made. Furthermore, the home of the future will be tailor-made to suit your distinctive interests and be more universal for the individuals living in it.

Below we discuss just a few of the biggest industry design changers we’re about to witness in 2016 and some ways you could incorporate these ideas into your home remodeling project.

Personalize Your Ideal Space

ideal custom space

A significance design consideration during the home remodeling process is deciding and personalizing unique and ideal spaces that incorporate your demanding lifestyle and offer unlimited potential uses. Nowadays, homeowners are requesting as much customization as possible to be able to take advantage of spaces in their home with custom improvements that compliment their modern lifestyle. Whether it is modernizing with the latest technology, creating custom workspaces, or giving your home design a unique edge, modifying your home to your lifestyle and needs is one way of making your home exceptional. 

Spacious Kitchens 

Spacious Kitchens

It is a known fact that homeowners will usually spend more money on a kitchen remodel than any other room in the house. With amenities available such as luxurious oversized islands, enormous pantries and top of the line appliances, utilizing kitchen space and emphasizing design can dramatically change and update your kitchen space. Many kitchen renovations also include removing one or more of the walls that separate the kitchen from adjoining spaces, thereby creating a larger space to enjoy family and friends.

Adding Pet Amenities

Pet Amenities

Americans spend billions of dollars annually on their animal companions, who most consider to be members of their family. Renovating or remodeling a space in your home for that special furry friend is increasingly becoming a huge trend in home design. This really comes as no surprise as many devoted pet owners wish to design and incorporate solutions to include ALL members of their family.

Dog showers, storage space and feeding station are just a few of the most popular pet home improvement projects we’ve seen.

“Spa-Like” Master Bathroom

“Spa-Like” Master Bathroom

Why settle for a tiny, inefficient bathroom when you could customize the most personal room of your home for your comfort? Transforming your bathroom into a peaceful retreat is another huge game changer in the home remodeling industry. What was once reserved for mansions and fancy day spas is now being used in the average home. Redesign your master bathroom to get away from it all and unwind at the end of the day while incorporating function and relaxation.

Indoor-Outdoor Connectivity

Indoor-Outdoor Connectivity

Entertaining family and friends it is much more enjoyable when your home has a good flow between the indoor and outdoor areas, namely the backyard. To create this connection, many homeowners are opting for oversized glass doors that, when opened; remove the traditional division between interior spaces and yards.

Design this space to include a flow of indoor-outdoor connectivity elements, such as a patio or deck area that can easily be converted to a closed-off section for colder months of the year. Opening up these spaces allows homeowners to enjoy a whole and open living space, which can increase the efficiency of any home. 

Small Homes and the Tiny Home Movement

Small Homes and the Tiny Home Movement

The tiny home phenomenon, a movement centered on the countercultural idea that it’s better to live small than large, is taking a cue from the mega-mansion and embracing upscale amenities.

Smaller homes are often more energy efficient because they have less space to heat and cool, which means they also have a lower ecological footprint. Many homeowners in the recent years have been looking to scale down and live comfortably in smaller spaces that are more practical.

All of these up-and-coming trends are inspiring, fun, and super efficient.

If you’re ready to make any changes to your home, make sure to consult a professional. It is also a great idea to start collecting as many inspiring photos, samples, design ideas, etc. as you can to reflect what you desire in the finish design. Our professionals at Imagineer Remodeling are always ready to help you create those special spaces you’ve always dreamt of having in your home.

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