Don’t Forget About These Rooms When Remodeling Your Home

Most people nowadays are absorbed in trendy home remodeling that focuses on demand for open space, modern, updated kitchens, contemporary spa-like bathrooms, master suite additions and sustainable living features. These are all substantial and expensive projects to delve into; however there are often many other areas of the home that get ignored. Nevertheless, maximizing an overlooked space will increase and improve the efficiency, comfort and beauty of any home.

Here are just a few rooms that often get overlooked when we decide to remodel our homes.

Don’t Overlook These Spaces When Remodeling Your Home:

  • The Entrywayentry way

Although it may be a small part of the home it is an important area that sets the tone for visits to come. The entryway is the first and last space guests see when entering or leaving a home. Choosing upgrades, such as designed tile or wood flooring, new doors, decorative hardware, molding and lighting will make this area more inviting with a consistent design and decorating theme that is set throughout the home.

  • The Patioluxury-backyard-designs-2

Remodeling a patio and making it into a “real room” makes a lot of sense in function and form with all the new concepts available to homeowners such as large outdoor gathering spaces that have high-end features, with stone fire pits and outdoor kitchens. The interest in remodeling should reflect the perfect place to relax and enjoy company. Patio updates can turn a good place into a great place for awesome gatherings.

  • Driveway and LandscapingCar-Garage

The first impression of your home that people have is the outside of it. No matter how nice your home may be on the inside, if the outside isn’t up to par, it’s time to tackle this area and increase your home’s curb appeal. Consider repaving your driveway with new concrete or asphalt. Plant trees, shrubs and flowers to spruce up your yard.

  • The Laundry Roomlaundry room

The laundry room is one space where we spend a good amount of time, so why not consider remodeling it to make it more efficient and pleasing? Laundry rooms are one of the last places that we think to update in a home. These areas are strictly utilitarian but changes to the design of laundry appliances in recent years have put better looking and more energy-efficient washers and dryers on the market.

  • The Garagegarage

De-clutter and organize your garage. The area that often accumulates more and more stuff and soon becomes difficult to find the things you are looking for. There are great storage solutions on the market today to help you. Storage solutions make it easy to find items and keep everything out of the middle of the garage. While a garage may not seem like the most obvious place to update, it is probably the most necessary update needed in many homes today.

Remodeling these areas can make a home more welcoming and more functional so before jumping into your next renovation project, consider these spaces first.

Imaginer remodeling can help you with these spaces and any other remodeling projects. We believe that any dream can become a reality. We know it’s all about the special care to the details that make that vision become a reality. At Imagineer Remodeling we treat all our remodeling projects as exceptional as our customers and their needs.

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