Why Do Homeowners Decide To Remodel Their Home?

Why Do Homeowners Decide To Remodel Their Home?

As a homeowner, making a decision between remodeling your home versus moving to a new one can be incredibly difficult. If you are looking to increase the value of your home and improve your lifestyle, remodeling might be the right option for you.

After the huge downturn in history, the home remodeling industry is bouncing back, as homeowners are no longer afraid to spend money to improve their quality of life and increase the value of their home without having to move.

In the past year homeowners have realized that their remodeling projects are the most efficient means for increasing their home value. Nonetheless homeowners are enjoying the quality of life in the new spaces created in a familiar place called home.

The following is an excerpt form an article originally published via Craft Jack.

Home Advisor recently conducted a survey asking homeowners the motives behind their latest home renovation project and the (ROI) return on their investment; this is what most homeowners had to say:

The following data was gathered from a survey of 2,076 participants, 1314 of which were homeowners. All were adults.

“What home improvement project do you think would produce the most return on your investment?”


“Nearly three out of five homeowners surveyed felt that the kitchen and bathroom would yield the best ROI.”

And if you’re thinking the same, you’re right! No matter where you look online and in publications most experts will agree that the kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects have always had the best ROI among home remodeling projects.

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