Should I Remodel My Existing Home or Sell It and Move?

Remodel or Move

A burning question most homeowners have on their mind is whether they should remodel or move. Deciding between remodeling your home or selling it and moving into a new one may have a lot to do with your current budget and lifestyle. In order for you to get a better understanding, we complied a list of the most popular reasons people choose one over the other.

Home remodeling can be a hassle if you’re not organized. However, if you prioritize on the most important things you need in your home, you may realize that staying in your current home might be more cost-effective than moving or you might realize that you’d rather not have to deal with the havoc of having your home under construction.

So with no further ado, here is Imagineer Remodeling’s guide to help you decide whether you should remodel your existing home, or sell it and move:

Should You Remodel Your Home Or Move?

Remodeling Can Be Fun

Home remodeling and construction projects can be challenging, however, if done properly from the start, it can be fun and rewarding. From making choices on the design that will make your house into the dream home you’ve always imagined, most people love the anticipation over a finished project. Seeing the finished project is the best part of home remodeling.

Express Your Personality

When we make the decision to remodel, we get to express our personality and design a project that would fit our imagination.  Choosing the unique style for the layout, design, color scheme and materials for your home will help you visualize that blueprint of your dreams.  In many cases, it is convenient to rearrange spaces within your existing house and make your floor plan flow better than it did before.  When we open up floor plans and move spaces around, it is possible to create more efficient spaces that will fit your lifestyle into the future. In order to reach a solution that you couldn’t imagine before, you may need to move the master bedroom to where the family room is.  Sometimes, even moving the kitchen may resolve layout problems. While the project is in its initial design phase it will be a good time to test bold ideas, so make sure to do this early on to reach the best results for your remodel project.

Love Your Neighbors?

Why move if you truly love the neighborhood, location and community feel of your existing home.  Good neighbors are priceless and a rare find.  It may be better to remodel than move. Taking on a major home construction project or remodeling a part of your existing home will not only add additional value, you and your family will get to enjoy the many personal benefits that fit your current lifestyle.

Do You “Value” Your Home?

We already mentioned that investing in your home would increase the value in the future. Any home construction or remodel will enhance the value of the home when done properly. If you decide to sell, costs of home improvements should always be taken into consideration as well as the time you plan to stay in your home.

Got A Favorite Outdoor Spot?

Does your home have some amount of outdoor space for a backyard or landscaping? Homeowners are realizing that finding the right outdoor space isn’t that simple, especially when thinking of moving.  So, if you are invested in your home’s existing landscape and love it, why move and have to live with ugly landscaping or invest in a new backyard? Sometimes landscaping projects can become more expensive than a simple home remodel.

Not Ready To Move Yet

Consider remodeling your existing home to avoid buyer’s remorse. Occasionally, some buyers regret a purchase of a home soon after signing the paperwork.  In order for you to avoid unnecessary doubts make sure to review your budget and options available prior to making decisions to remodel your existing home or purchase a new home.

Figuring Out The Floor Plan

A home’s floor plan is obviously one of the most important factors when considering home remodeling or moving. Finding that perfect floor plan to fit your lifestyle may be a concern. If your existing home has a great floor plan, then remodeling might be the appropriate consideration after all. Working with your existing home floor plan will save you money, and give you additional options to better enhance the existing spaces that are cherished in your home.

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