Eccentric Home Design Ideas

What Can Be Duller Than Mainstream?

Imagine: you spot an amazing area rug for your living room and decide to wait a few more paychecks before purchasing it. Suddenly, you start to see the same rug everywhere, that everybody has it, and multiple retailers are replicating the same design. No matter how much you NEEDED to have that rug, or how new and different you thought it was, you become tired of it long before you even have the opportunity to use it yourself.

This concept usually applies to home décor more than anything else. So, if you are in the middle of renovating your home and you are looking for something to make your home look fresh, unique and new, you need to stir that imagination and think of something that could be a next trend, or simply something to shock your guests with. If you are in need of some ideas, read on.

Remodel the Rooms by Remodeling Clutter

All the extra and seemingly unneeded things that can be dug out while house cleaning can be more useful than you think. Instead of sending them to occupy your trash can, take them and use some creativity to turn them into something practical.

Old crates, for instance, if cleaned, polished, nailed together, and redecorated, can create wonderful racks and shelves for figurines, consoles, books and plants. Alternatively, they can be taken apart for their wood, the wood itself can be polished and turned into wonderful boards to go on your walls for collections of portraits, a place for your plasma TV, or for that new dartboard you had nowhere to use until now.

Eccentric Home Design Ideas2

Switch Rooms Around

This is not a tricky way of saying change the view of your rooms – you can actually change the places of your rooms. Have you ever thought how much more space your bedroom can get if you put it in the middle of where your living room used to be? And that living room can have a new shade of privacy if fitted in the bedroom.

And when was the last time you used your attic for something useful? Have you wondered how much more peaceful cooking can get if you clean it thoroughly and place the kitchen up there? Sure, it requires some work, but the result will be sure to startle a guest. Such an attempt will surely get you either awe or admiration.

Quick advice: leave the bathroom where it is. That is one set of equipment and pipe system that you do not want to mess with, and might just be a cause to seek plumbers and professional cleaners in South Kensington.

Put Different Themes in Every Room

People usually pick one theme for the entire apartment or house they live in. But then again, why not have a theme for every room? After all, they are used for different things and one thing that feng shui got right is that you need harmony with the environment. So you can make a Victorian-themed living room for peaceful tea afternoons, a Gothic bedroom for the more melancholic nights, with fewer lights for the romantics, and even place a small, protected bookshelf in the bathroom for the longer moments spent inside in reading instead of life contemplation. The options are endless, and by personalizing them, there are less chances someone else will have the same exact design.

Eccentric Home Design Ideas1

Eccentricities are abundant and you can find them in everything you do. To make your home stand out after the renovations and house cleaning, think what makes yourself different and put it as a banner of pride in every decoration or change you make in your house. The best you can do to your place besides keeping the home clean is to give it a new life – one rarely seen by those around and one that makes it just as unique as yourself.

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