What’s On Your Home Remodeling To-Do List for 2016?

We compiled a list of some of the best design and home remodeling trends for 2016 and are excited to share them with you.


Are you still dreaming of making the home improvements you’ve been holding off on this year? We compiled a list of some of the best design and Home Remodeling trends for 2016 and are excited to share them with you. These ideas are great to integrate into any home remodeling, renovation or construction project.

Home Remodeling To-Do List for 2016

Opt for a Simple Design

Homeowners are opting for simple design concepts and cleaner modern lines that offer higher degree of design and quality of construction. They want to feel relaxed and inspired by their surroundings, and are interested in minimalism and clean integrated spaces. Simple, open and clean designs will create a style to inspire natural sense of harmony and nature.

Create a Stress-Free Atmosphere


Having access to technology at our fingertips 24/7 can cause distractions, demands and unnecessary stress. Many homeowners are turning their homes into a more serene and tranquil environment to help calm the noise. Create a setting that evokes relaxation by combining comforting colors and elegant textures and patterns, rather than vibrant or contrasting colors.

Choose Geometric Designsuntitled-12

This year, geometric patterns are all the rage when talking tiles, fabrics, and prints. We’re seeing a lot of geometric shapes with prints and patterns and shapes that boldly jump right off the floor, walls, and fabrics.

Get Creative With LED Lighting

With LED lights gaining in popularity, there have been many creative ways to incorporate these lights into your home. Since LED lights use very little energy and rarely need to be replaced, try them out in hard to reach and often neglected areas to add some extra light source and invite a practical green solution to your home.

Spruce Up the Kitchen With Modern Materialscarbon 7150

Though the common combination of white cabinets and granite countertops is still one of the most popular kitchen styles, we are seeing a shift toward a mix of materials in kitchen design. For example, it is trending to see a mix of modern appliances, contemporary cabinetry, quartz countertops matched with a backsplash and flooring in distinct contrasting finishes and colors.

Add A Little Life To The BathroomSuperb-Free-Standing-Bath-Tubs-technique-San-Francisco-Modern-Bathroom-Decorators-with-custom-vanity-fine-custom-cabinetry-free-standing-bath-tub-free-standing-bathtub-free-standing

Graphic wallpaper, attractive chandeliers, and furniture-like pieces turn common spaces like the bathroom into more luxurious living spaces. Medicine cabinets are being replaced with statement mirrors such as ones in large wood, ornate or backlighted frames.

Conclusion: Emphasize Quality Over QuantityQaulity

This year, take the time to consider the idea that simplicity and clarity lead to good design. Less is more; simple makes a statement. Furthermore, homeowners are looking for more ways to personalize their space with qualities that reflect their unique personalities and taste. Whether it is a custom tile accent, a piece of art or one-of-a-kind light fixture, it’s the uniqueness that will be cherished as a personal impression to any room.

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What’s on your home remodeling to-do list?

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