Home Construction and Renovation Trends In 2014


The concept of building a custom home or doing a major renovation to your existing home allows you to create a space as personal and unique as your family and lifestyle. That said, you should not be obligated to follow trends, but instead become educated and inspired with some of the most popular home construction and renovation trends today.

Follow our list of creative home construction and renovation trends to use as a source of inspiration for your upcoming home remodel or renovation project:

Home Construction and Renovation Trends

Clean Lines, More Open Spaces

Efficiency is key as more homeowners are realizing that every space in their homes should be completely usable. New construction is moving forward to a more contemporary look and houses have cleaner lines. Even those who choose to stay with more traditional exteriors are going with modern, open concepts on the inside, which makes the space more relaxed and efficient for the modern family use. A great example that has been trending for years now is Mediterranean workmanship, which offers fewer hallways and open floor plans to offer more useable space.

Take Some Risks

Get creative and don’t be afraid to take some risks, you should have fun with your home renovation project. If you’re in the market to build your dream home, or are about to take a remodeling project underway have fun in the process and the journey in order to fully enjoy the completed project. Maybe you’re not ready to wallpaper all the ceilings. Fine. But, you might want to consider intricate wood patterns and designs to give a room a rich and elegant feel instead. The bathroom is a great place to express creativity. You could try an eccentric wallpaper design, a daring paint color or unique tiles and hardware designs. There’s nothing better than stepping into a room completely tailored and designed to your unique preferences to enhance the powder room experience. It’s also not the end of the world if you hate something you thought would look awesome. Since it’s such a small space, you can always make little changes to update the look and vibe. That’s why we recommend starting with a bathroom to explore ideas and be bold.

Re-Think Formal Spaces

Do we really need the formal living and dining rooms that we so longed for a decade or two ago? New homes being built still have these rooms however; they function differently. These rooms were not intended to disappear from the floor plan, or be used as a space for storage either. So why not create these spaces to be multi-functional? For example, the formal living room has gradually become the “sitting” or “away room.” You could think of it as a space that allows you to break-free from the abundance of technology that invades our day-to-day lives and sometimes, we just really need some time away from the televisions that seem to have shown up in every room of the home. Likewise, the designated dining room still exists, but now it is more open and casual. It could now act as the serving space for more casual parties.

Natural Selections

Natural products like wood and stone tiles and flooring options are also trending this year. Engineered woods with lighter natural finish, like bleached, limed, or fumed woods can help you achieve a rustic look. Likewise, matte finishes and sealed only floors are also making a comeback. Another trending flooring option is porcelain tiles that boast an elegant wood look finish or stone floors that can complement any room of your home.

Your Backyard Is No Longer Just A Yard

Think about revamping your ordinary outdoor space or backyard into an open-air living room that adds value, comfortand an additional room to your home all year around. In our mission to make every inch of our property efficient and comfortable, indoor spaceshave opened into the backyard into patios equipped with pizza ovens and fire pits.  However these dream outdoor spaces come at a cost. Renovating a backyard can be expensive and in reality, an outdoor kitchenmight cost more than the kitchen inside your dream house. So when designing a backyard that includes swimming pool, landscaping, lighting, and pristine kitchen with custom oven choices, don’t forget to budget accordingly. Pools are still a great value and addition to your home since it is a great place for the family to hang out and entertain. Make it a resort living in your own backyard! Consider stone flooring or interesting concrete finishes. Elements like raw or rusted steels are commonly used for retainers as well as decorative touches mixed with variety of woods for decks and sitting areas.

Whether your considering a single room addition, kitchen or bathroom remodel, or a complete home remodel our team at Imagineer Remodeling can help provide exceptional value and custom products all at a reasonable budget. We manage the chaos and make it all work since we offer all construction services and options under the same roof.  We will work with your budget, and help you create that dream space into a reality.

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