The Hottest Kitchen Design Trends – Summer 2014

The Hottest Kitchen Design Trends - Summer 2014The hottest interior design trends of 2014 are appearing in and transforming dull kitchens into bold statement pieces. This year, we’re seeing a shift toward contrasting colors and textures, restoring natural wood and reviving metals. There has also been a huge shift in mixing old with new by incorporating old style kitchen appliances, butcher tables, light fixtures or even backsplash tiles with a modern interior design.

The Top Kitchen Design Trends in 2014

Here are some of the most popular design trends of 2014 for your kitchen remodel or design project: 

Mix Colors and Textures

An invaluable and economical way to spruce up your home is to update the color and texture of the room to give your home a new welcoming energy and fun personality. Bright and vibrant colors have essentially replaced pastels and muted earth tones. This year, the trendiest colors range from neon green to deep magenta, bright orange, yellow and various shades of blue. In addition, gray has become the new “neutral.”

Although color is the most reasonable trend to enhance the homes look, the use of texture is the popular star for 2014. High-gloss finishes, metallic colors, gold, silver sequins, and mirrors can add appeal and a touch of class to your home.

Finally, another alternative to paint or textured walls are tiles. Textured wall tiles can help capture visual points of interest in your kitchen and complimented nicely with contrasting elements such as a high-gloss lacquer or low-gloss matte accessories and give a modern touch to the room.

Bring Together The Old and New

Another one of the year’s hottest trends mixes a collection of classic and traditional vintage pieces to bring together your own personality and unique character while breaking the edge on some of the years’ more modern looking design. Home designers are saying, “the older the pieces the better,” so try going to your local flea market or vintage shop and spot some old period pieces – like old fashioned mason jars, vases, storage containers, your name it. In addition, antique or vintage furniture could also mix well with new pieces. If you find a piece that happens to be perfect but doesn’t fit your color scheme, don’t fret – try repainting or upholstering it and watch how it will transform your kitchen into a cozy and “homey” room for your family. In some cases, you could also cover something like an old table with textured wallpaper (see the next trend below).

Wood Is The New Black

Sure, wood may not be a “color,” but it is this season’s hottest design element and it can be more affordable than you might image. Home designers are using wood textures to add richness and warmth in place of real wood by incorporating wood wallpaper textiles and tree printed wallpapers that have the appearance of wood without the hefty price tag. This allows you to integrate things like an engineered wood ceilings or wainscoting to bring a unique look of wood into your kitchen environment.

Manipulated Metals Add a Nice Finishing Touch

Another classic design element that has made a huge comeback this year is the use and versatility of manipulated metals like antiqued copper light fixtures and brushed stainless steel cabinet hardware. These metal designs could range from hand-crafted artisan to contemporary high-gloss depending on the style and feel you’re looking for. For example, you could go with a copper hammered metal sink basin, or incorporate pewter and nickel with cabinet finishes.

These emerging design will help you incorporate you and your families’ lifestyles into your kitchen while preserving a modern updated look. For more information or to speak to one of our kitchen design specialists, please contact us at your convenience.

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