Home Décor Trends for 2017

Try out these great décor ideas to liven up, refresh and enhance any space in your home.
Top Home Design Trends in 2017

No major renovation required — These great décor ideas will inspire, liven-up, refresh and enhance any space in your home.

These top décor trends of 2017 are all about creating gorgeous spaces by taking traditional designs and incorporating them into modern and unique style.

Modern Gets A Makeover

We are seeing a new approach to modern design with warmer, more organic clean shapes with refined details.

We love the way these modern pieces don’t have to be cold and stark with harsh edges. A huge trend we’re seeing on the rise is modern furniture with rounded edges and curves.

Go Green

Green is the official color of 2017 and it ties in with perfectly with modern, minimalistic sustainable environments.

This year, incorporate more green in your home via interior updates and décor. Green plants give a room a major boost, they will not die like flowers do and do not require a lot of attention.

Multifunctional Furniture

Great modern décor in 2017 is focusing is on furnishings that look amazing and offer great multifunction.

Innovative options include designs intended for storage or multipurpose spaces that are organized and feel lived-in and authentic.

Add A Little Art

Art a center stage at home goes beyond the traditional art.

We are seeing more inspiring interior artful design pieces. A big trend we are seeing right now are interior lighting solutions that can be disguised as an art piece.

Mix & Match Materials

Combining and mixing innovative materials is on the forefront. New, innovative materials and material mixes will bring texture and interest to any design you choose.

Mixing marble, brass, and wood in one design as seen in the image below integrates a modern approach to mix and match materials.

Let In Lots of Light

2017 is all about interiors that are easy, friendly, and inviting. We’re seeing lots of light, open and airy spaces with lighter color palettes.

A well-lit space combined with décor that appeals to your distinct taste and personality is a great and inexpensive way to vastly update any room in your home.

Try Out Texture

Minimalism is at the forefront of trends everywhere and the trends for 2017 involve more one-color layering, or aesthetically layering different types of textures in a similar color scheme. There is no shortage of ways to layer, as long as it feels natural and easy. Natural textures will give depth to any aesthetic.

There is no shortage of ways to layer, as long as it feels natural and easy. Also, keep in mind that natural textures will more give depth to any aesthetic.

Ready to transform your house into the home of your dreams?

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