Refreshing the Décor in Your Bathroom

If your bathroom:

  1. Needs cleaning bad, maybe even some redecorating, and hard work put in to make it better;
  2. Or needs a breath of fresh air to make the room look new again (if you are tired of the same old stale view of the same tiles and surroundings…)

Then you should take measures into your own hands and do something about it. It’s time for a renewal, and time to clean it up and move things around so that the feeling of staleness is gone. Here are some tips on how to refresh the décor in your bathroom most efficiently.

Gear up for cleaning as a start.

Refreshing the Bathroom Décor2

Put on a pair of protective gloves, because you do not want any of those germs on your hands – and you know the bathroom is overflowing with germs. Grab a mop, a sponge, a small brush, and cleaning products and get ready. Use your chosen detergent and scrub on every part of the bathroom with the sponge. You need to be thorough. The bathroom is notorious for being a room that accumulates the most soap scum everywhere. It is greasy, slippery, dangerous, and eventually it will start to produce a nasty odor; plus that soap is full of germs. Work to remove it completely, and then focus on the grout between the tiles, which you should clean with a small brush (an old toothbrush works great). The bathroom also gathers plenty of germs and bacteria on the floor, which you don’t want on your feet. After you scrub everything up, and mop up the floor, you should end the cleaning with a good rinse to send any remaining bacteria and the toxins from the cleaning products down the drain.

Alternatively, get a cleaning agency to do a quick bathroom-cleaning job so that you can focus on the other part of the task. A professional cleaner will not take much of your time, and just the one room job will probably not cost you much. Simply check your local cleaning services and pick the best one.

After that comes the remodeling.

Refreshing the Bathroom Décor

Think about what needs changing up in the bathroom. If you need to change the places of the sink, bathtub, shower, and toilet bowl, you should probably do so before the cleaning, or all would have been for naught. Other than that, you can make use of some space savers to save up some room and make the bathroom seem roomier. A few shelves on the walls and a shower curtain will make sure that you can bring your cellphone in the bathroom and keep it around in case of emergency calls. How about putting in an étagère? The French creation has a variety of uses you can implement and you can store literally everything on it – from bath towels to soaps and shampoos to cleaning products, to tooth brushes and pastes. And this will clear up the space for the rest of the bathroom so that now you can maneuver around more freely. And if you want the bathroom to look bigger, consider installing a full body-sized mirror on the door.

Now you can enjoy your new bathroom without having to worry about getting bored with it anytime soon. And after that… well, time for a new renewal!

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