The Modern Bathroom: Ideas For A Modern Bathroom Remodel

The Modern Bathroom- Ideas For A Modern Bathroom Remodel

Summer is the perfect time to remodel or update your bathroom. Here are some remarkable and unique modern bathroom design ideas for your inspiration.

Modern Walls

bathroom-modern-tilesWho says modern bathrooms have to lack in personality or texture? Bringing in wood tones, playing with dimension, mixing tiles, and sophisticated light fixtures are all great ways to create a distinctive bathroom.


If you’d prefer to stick to lighter tones or when in doubt, use white as your backdrop but don’t be intimidated to use bold colors with bright accent tiles, paint one wall a darker shade, add a vintage piece to blend elements of new and old or add window treatments. to bring in texture without blocking light.


Bamboo shades made from natural materials can help complement open space and soften the clean edges seen in most modern design.

Modern Lights


Modern ideas for light fixtures:

Pair simple lines and integrated lighting to make a bold contemporary statement.
Think beyond canned lights – vintage lighting will give the warmth to the space, add personality and create a balance in a modern design.


Modern Spaces


Modern bathrooms embrace space, even if your bathroom lacks in square footage, a modern design can help elevate and conceal storage while giving the illusion of a larger space.


Floating vanities, light fixtures and even the sink in your bathroom can make a small space appear grander.

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