7 Smart Technology Upgrades for Your Bathroom

Turn your bathroom into a smart room and take your bathing experience to the next level with these 5 smart technology upgrades for your bathroom design.
Take Your bathroom design to a new level

Not so long ago, bathrooms were nothing more than areas designated for quick showers, personal grooming and getting ready for work in the morning. However, this completely changed over the recent years, with bathrooms having become true personal sanctuaries. Nowadays, we pay as much attention to bathroom design as we do to bedroom and living room décor. Not only are bathrooms now our areas for relaxation and self-indulgence, but they have also become hubs of stylish design trends. Even technology has been welcomed to our home spas with open arms, elevating bathroom design to a new level.

A high-tech home spa

The modern bathroom has been transformed into a calming spa, featuring a tranquil and serene atmosphere. This trend will continue to enjoy its popularity, but it will be introduced to our homes with a new twist – high tech features. Thus, you don’t have to give up that soothing spa-inspired vibe just because you want to tech up your bathroom. Instead, you can integrate technology into your oasis without disrupting its peaceful atmosphere. A minimalist, clutter-free design, lush plants and indulgent features are more than welcome to your personal oasis. However, you will also have the added comfort that comes with a more stable indoor temperature that a smart thermostat brings.

Smart and stylish faucets

If you want to start small, you can always change your faucets first. You can replace your old ones with new and improved models. High-tech faucets are completely touch-free, turning the water on only when they sense your hands. Not only is this an awesome feature, but it’s also more hygienic because you won’t have to touch your faucets with dirty hands. In addition, such a smart faucet design will also save you water and money by reducing water wastage. For a stylish look, you should go with faucets featuring a matte finish that will fit perfectly into your minimalist, understated bathroom design.

State-of-the-art toilets and additions

With modern, high-tech toilets, you’ll be able to cut your water consumption significantly because they can sense how much water you need per flush. Smart toilets are also characterised by increased hygiene, pleasant deodorisers and even seat warmers. However, for an even better, more comfortable experience, you can also implement functional and modern bidet seats that come with remote controls and a range of different features. These seats are an excellent solution for small spa bathrooms because they can be easily placed onto your toilet, providing you with a high level of flexibility and versatility. Their smart design will make them more accessible, providing you with numerous advantages, including health and hygiene benefits.

Automated bathroom lighting with unusual effects

Going with automated lighting, such as motion sensor lights, is one of the simplest ways to smart-up your bathroom. This smart upgrade will help you reduce your electricity consumption by allowing you to control it remotely. In addition, installing smart lights will also allow you to control them via a smart device and even adjust their hue. However, what makes modern lighting solutions even more enticing is the variety of effects that they bring. For instance, mirrors with integrated lights and temperature controls will allow you to adjust your task lighting without requiring the use of switches.

Furthermore, the very design of lighting fixtures also deserves special attention because it can elevate your bathroom décor. Unusual designs are used as focal points in the modern bathroom, giving it a touch of glamour.

Towel warmers and hand dryers for comfort and hygiene

Owing to technology, you won’t have to deal with wet towel anymore. You can now install smart drawers that will automatically warm up your towels while simultaneously keeping your home spa neatly organised. And if you want to stop using hand towels altogether, you can simply install a smart hand dryer. This is a highly hygienic, touch-free upgrade that will not only dry your hands in 12 seconds, but that will also capture 99.9 percent of viruses and bacteria in the process.

Chromatherapy bathtubs

If you think that having a bubble bath couldn’t be more relaxing, you should think again! Modern, cutting-edge bathtubs can now have an integrated chromatherapy function that will make your bath time even more enjoyable and soothing. With this stunning built-in option, you’ll be able to enhance your mood by using colored lights. For instance, if you want to truly relax and unwind, turquoise or purple are the way to go. Smart bathtubs also come with water temperature controls, enabling you to enjoy a warm bath the whole time.

Automated floor heating system

Technology has brought radiant floor heating to a completely new level, providing you with maximum comfort in the bathroom. Your new and improved automated floor heating system will come with a range of smart floor accessories that will allow you to change the floor temperature via your phone. These features can also learn your habits and adjust the floor temperature automatically.

Key Takeaway

Designing a stylish, smart bathroom will provide you with an elegant, soothing home spa filled with plenty of convenient, high-tech features that will truly enrich your experience.

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