How to Create a Modern Hallway


Is there a better way to express yourself and show the world who you really are than through your home? When people first step into your home, they can learn much about you, and you can show off your interests, hobbies, and what you’re passionate about through home décor. Hallway is the first room in your home people step into, so it’s important that it’s inviting and pleasant. Old-fashioned hallways where people simply take off their shoes are a thing of the past, and modern hallways are taking over.

Use the space

Hallways are usually not very spacious, and what’s more, this room is supposed to keep all your visitors’ coats and shoes. For this very reason it’s important to have a coat rack which will not only ‘hold the coats’ but cheer up the space at the same time. Improvise: make your own rack of old hangers, use colorful pallets, or use a simple piece of wood which you can paint with bold chevron stripes to match the rug on the floor. This way, the space will be more cheerful and people will notice your dedication to details.

Inviting smells

We’ve already mentioned that this is where you will keep your shoes and slippers, and sometimes this means that the smell will not be as pleasant as the hallway looks. This isn’t a tragedy, though, and it can easily be solved simply by placing scented candles on one of the shelves or your hallway table. What is more, you can make your own air freshener in small glass jars and decorate them with glittery ribbons and pieces of colorful cloth.


Shelves are the best

Shelves are great – they don’t take too much space but they allow you to use the most you’ve got. Even if your hallway is rather narrow or not very long, you can place shelves all the way to the ceiling and use them to make the place seem more welcoming. Place some of your memories from vacations to create a memory lane that will make you smile when coming out or arriving from long day. Incorporate a great lighting you can find online and make those memories look brighter. Hallways need to be well lit given that they are the first place you enter when coming into a house and the last thing when you are coming out. Finding your way in or out is only possible if you can see where are you going.

Show off your photos

The time when people placed a couple of family photographs in gilded frames above the fireplace is long gone. With the new technologies and great cameras you probably have folders filled with lovely family photos from holidays or camping trips. Choose several you like best, enlarge them, print them out and hang them in simple frames in your hallway. This way, the faces of your friends and family will be the last thing you see before you set off for work and the first thing you see when you get home. You must admit, this is one of the best ways to start and end your long day.


It’s not about what people and magazines consider modern that matters. You can have old pieces of furniture or vintage décor and still have a modern hallway. The key is to be subtle and maintain that delicate balance between kitsch and elegance, and that is best achieved if you ask for help someone whose judgment and taste you trust. Don’t do it all alone if you have doubts, friends and family will probably willing to help you, so don’t hesitate to include other people when you’re decorating your home.

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