5 Things to Add to your Home for a Modern Look

Modern home design is now a reality with most suburban homes. Make your home more modern by adding these five items to your decor.

Modern homes have a minimalistic design. Designers believe that “less is more” and most suburban homes have this design. In the past, a minimalistic design was just a concept, but it is now a reality with most suburban homes. You can make your home more modern by adding these five items.

An Indoor Garden

Indoor gardens are now common in many homes. They are part of the home design, and they bring in so much beauty. Gardens are influenced by Zen aesthetics. The Zen philosophy emphasizes medication, self-discipline, and insight into the nature of things and of the mind. It plays a great role in influencing indoor designs. When creating an indoor garden, you can add pebbles to add to the beauty and modern look of the home.

If a rock garden does not appeal to you, create a simple herb garden with waste cans. Place these herbs and their cans near the window sill. If you need a bigger garden, install wooden or steel planters in the home and plant bigger plants, such as bougainvillea.

Decorative Lighting Fixtures

There are so many fixtures you can add to your home for a modern look, including radiant heat panels and modern lighting fixtures. You can, for instance, pick accent lights for the corners of your room or use them for the parts of your room you need to highlight. If you have art in your home, use accent lights of different colors to illuminate the art.

For large rooms, you can choose an appealing chandelier or a good-looking pendant light that accentuates the look of your home. For small rooms, look for small low-wattage bulbs that create an intimate atmosphere. The best effects can be achieved with the use of energy-efficient bulbs.

Update the Artwork

Art makes your walls appealing. You can remove all the artwork on the walls and then replace that with new pieces. Stripping the walls of all the art on them gives you a clear picture of how you should organize the artwork for the best modern look. You can choose a single piece of art to be the main focus for art in the home. Again, when you go for art, keep a minimalist look so that the pieces do not appear cluttered and out of order.

You do not have to go for the most expensive art pieces, but whatever you choose should make your home look appealing. Again, you do not want unnecessary change – if the art pieces you have are good, you can rearrange them for a more modern look.

Colored Accessories

The minimalistic design dictates that you go for monochromatic schemes. However, adding color can bring a more modern look to your home. Accessories, such as pillow sets, bedsheets, cushions, blankets, curtains, and 3D comforter sets all add to the beauty and modern look of a home. The use of velvet fabricated and silk fabricated quilts are trending, and you will see these in so many modern homes.

You can then choose carpets and rugs that match to complement the general look of your rooms. When you choose to add colors, ensure your room does not look so busy with colors placed in a random manner. Study the color wheel and pick colors that complement each other. For instance, you can go for the three primary colors (red, blue, and yellow) and have them in all your accessories to ensure that colors do not conflict.

Electric Fireplace

If you do not have one already, you may need an electric fireplace to give your home a modern look. These fireplaces install flush to the walls in your home. They produce realistic flames that someone who has never seen the fireplaces will not believe it is electric. The elegant styling of the fireplaces gives the home a modern look.

You can change the lighting combinations of the electric fireplace. Most of these units use an LED system to create 3D depth and allow you to change the nature of the flames. They are easy to install into your wall and easy to operate.

If you are on a budget, your home upgrade doesn’t have to be expensive. Start by making the home minimalistic by removing clutter and then start with simple upgrades, such as planting herbs in waste cans.

Photo by R ARCHITECTURE on Unsplash

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