7 Simple Ways to Make Your Front Entryway Say “Welcome!”

Here are 7 simple ways to make your front entryway say "welcome" to your guests and completely transform the look of your home.
How to make your entryway more inviting

Your front entryway is an instant demonstration of your personality and what guests are to expect when they come inside your home. It is supposed to be welcoming and to create visual interest, which means using the right tricks will express your personal style and show guests what to expect.

Adding greenery and scent

Nothing is more simple but yet so refreshing as adding plants on the sides of the center walk way. For example, you can add two plant trees in pots on the sides to create a soothing symmetry. Don’t hesitate to branch out with different plants and colorful flowers – if you enjoy playful designs, why not creating a playful door entry? You could try another thing by planting climbers such as wisteria or jasmine and let it climb around the door and spreading out to create a countryside, rural and romantic look. Potpourri is a good idea, too.

Lighting magic

First of all, lighting should illuminate the entryway, along with the entry path. You can add low glare step lights angled downward to reduce potential stray light. A downlight on the porch should illuminate the front door, while the decorative lights can be installed on the wall for the aesthetics only. The lighting illuminating the door can be a lantern or even a pendant light high on the wall. If you want a cheaper solution, then opt for solar-powered stake lights that you can place in flower beds or planters along the path or framing the door.

The front yard

The front yard contributes to the curb appeal and also effects the look of your entryway. If possible, create a front garden that will complement the architecture of your home. When creating the path, pay attention to the materials used. When it comes to plants in the front yard, you don’t have to have a lot of plants if you don’t want to. A big, striking planter will do the trick, too. On the other hand, if you are using a lot of pots, then match them to the material on the front of your home. For example, you can match your metallic planters with the metalwork on the house to tie it all together. Finally, a neat and well-maintained lawn will add to the looks of the entryway. It will be the first area leading guests into your home.

Decorate the front door

There are many things you can do to make the entry door a decorative item. The simplest thing would be to repaint it. It will instantly give it a fresh look. If you choose a bold color, like red or strong green, or even black with bronze details, it will attract the eye of the viewer and tell a story about people living behind that door. Just make sure the color of your choice matches the front facade. Additionally, even smaller changes and fixes on the door can make it look more attractive. For example, entrance handles like those at Access Hardware and similar companies match perfectly with various styles of doors and allow you to play with your options. The doorbell can also serve as a decorative item if you decide to look for an appropriate one.

Adding a canopy

Installing a canopy over the front door will serve two functions. The first one is that it will create a nice frame to the door, giving the entrance a touch of elegance. It will also be very useful during the rain because it will direct the rainwater on the sides and not let it fall directly on the front entrance.

Soften the porch

There’s nothing more boring than a plain porch with just the entrance door. If you have enough space on the porch, then adding a cozy bench or a cute rocking chair will tell a thing or two about you and how you see your guests. Even a couple of flower pots will seem warm and welcoming. In case you add a bench or chairs, don’t forget decorative cushions. Of course, the furnishings should also reflect the style inside your home. Remember – the exterior and the interior need to have a common thread.

Final touches

Even small details mean a lot sometimes. Your house number, for example – it needs to be visible from the street but who says it needs to be plain? You can find a decorative name and number plaque which you can hang on the wall next to the door or even on the door. Another detail is the doormat. There are so many options here, so you need to make sure the doormat really cleans the footwear before entering but find the one that complements the style as well as your personality.

Your front entryway really should say “Welcome” to everybody who is able to see it. It is the first thing many people remember and notice about your home, so do your best to make it stylish and warm.

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