How to Bring a Touch of Elegance into Any Home

Whether you've just moved into your home or you've lived there for years and want to update your decor, there are several things you can do to give your home a touch of elegance. Here are some ideas you can to update your decor in a matter of days.

Whether you’ve just moved into your home or you’ve lived there for years and want to update your decor, there are several things you can do to give your home a touch of elegance. Even without making major changes, you can improve the aesthetic of your home with just a few simple touches. Here are some ideas you can to update your decor in a matter of days.

Add Art to the Walls

One of the best ways to add a touch of opulence to your home is to add some artwork to the walls. Striking black and white prints or portraits that feature a variety of colors in a room decorated in mostly neutral hues can show off your refined sense of style. You can find fine art photography for sale by visiting the websites for art galleries in your area or checking out a few local consignment shops.

Include More Natural Materials

Add natural materials to your decor scheme for an elegant look. Furniture accents made with leather, stone, or wood immediately make any room in your home look classier. You can use these natural materials in staircases and fireplaces, or in large furniture pieces to make a decorative statement. You can also use natural materials for the signature piece in a room such as a picture frame or vase to tie the look of the entire room together.

Layer Cushions and Throw Pillows

Cushions and throw pillows make a room look cozier and more inviting. This is ideal for the den or living room, but you can make these decorative elements a little more elegant with a layering effect. Select pillows with different patterns but in the same color scheme for your sofa and loveseat. If you have oversized pillows on the floor, layer them in alternating colors for visual appeal.

Add a Drink Trolley

A drink trolley is a classy way to feature your well-stocked wine or liquor selection when you’re entertaining friends and family. The trolley is also a smart storage solution and invites guests to serve themselves by preparing the cocktail of their choice from the ingredients you’ve provided. Select a trolley that coordinates with the rest of your decor scheme to keep the aesthetics uniform and elegant.

Use Antique Furniture Pieces

Antique pieces instantly add sophistication to any room in your home. These pieces can be costly, so you may want to look for them at an auction or consignment store so you can get the best deal. Or, you can check out the thrift store for furniture items you can repurpose to make the colors and decorative style you’ve chosen for your home. Of course, an antique piece that has been passed down from a relative is an elegant addition to your home and can serve as a conversation piece when guests come to visit.

Choose Walls Colors Wisely

The wall color you select sets the tone for your interior space. Take some time to choose color combinations that you’ll be satisfied with so you can mix and match furniture pieces without compromising your sophisticated style. Neutral colors are usually best for the walls. If you prefer warm or earth tones, browns, and beiges are ideal. If your home is decorated with cool colors, select gray or light blue walls. Take a look at a few design magazines for inspiration if you’re not sure which colors will work best for you. It’s also a good idea to include an accent wall in colors that send the message you want to convey. For instance, blue is the color of tranquility, green signifies growth and renewal, and purple represents royalty. Select hues that speak to your personality to customize your walls in a classy way.

Add Style and Fragrance

Even if you have beautiful decorations in your home, you’ll need to add a touch of pleasant fragrance to create a peaceful ambiance. Candles are a great way to accomplish this since you can find several elegant candles that are aesthetically pleasing and wonderfully scented. Line your fireplace with candles, add a candle or two to your nightstand, or use candles as a dining room table centerpiece to showcase your candles and allow a calming fragrance to waft through your home.

These simple tips are often cost-effective and don’t require any major renovations. However, they can make a significant difference in the way your home looks. Sophisticated decor accents can also elevate your mood when you’re at home, whether you’re enjoying some peace and quiet or entertaining family and friends.

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