Transform Your Backyard into a Summer Paradise Garden Utopia

Enjoying summertime doesn’t have to take place miles away from your home. With a little bit of time, effort and creativity, you can easily transform your backyard into a summer paradise.
Create Your Own Summer Getaway

Luckily for you, enjoying summertime doesn’t have to take place miles away from your home. With a little bit of time, effort and creativity, you can design a piece of a holiday resort in your own garden. Read on and learn about some ways to transform your backyard into a summer paradise.

Hide your sanctuary

When transforming your backyard into a summer paradise, the first thing you should take into consideration is creating the sense of privacy. Even though you may have a great relationship with your neighbors, you probably wouldn’t want them to peek into your refuge. Fortunately, there’s a wide range of smart ideas to block out the prying eyes. Apart from standard fences, you could also construct a trendy living wall, arrange the landscape in a clever way or plant a single huge hedge.

Incorporate an outdoor sitting area

Every summer paradise needs to include a sitting area so that you can relax, enjoy a great book, or host a romantic alfresco dining or entertaining game night. Whether you have a patio or a dislocated pergola, you should decorate it with cozy and comfortable garden furniture. Since it’s exposed to extreme weather conditions, make sure you opt for furniture made from waterproof and durable materials. Dress up space with container plants, patterned cushions, and rustic ornaments. Also, make sure that your outdoor sitting area is well protected from the sun. It can be shaded with trees, large umbrellas or retractable awning.

Improve your garden design

If you expect your backyard to turn into summer oasis, you have to perk up your garden design. For instance, consider planting Lavender, Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, Basil and Black-Eyed Susan. Not only will their pleasant fragrances freshen up the air, but their diverse colors will bring character to your entire yard.  However, nothing would pay off unless you maintain your garden on regular basis. Bearing this in mind, make sure you mow the lawn twice a week, trim the unruly tree branches and pull the dull weeds. And don’t forget to water the garden!

Install a water feature

Another nice touch for your summer paradise could also incorporate a touch of water. Although many would argue that you should install an in-ground pool during the fall, spring and summer can be just as perfect time to do so. And what is more refreshing in hot summer months than jumping in your own pool? However, due to dangerous sun rays, it’s unhealthy to stay outside for a longer period of time, which is exactly why it would be great to complement your private pool with one of the lightweight arched pool pergolas. By installing a poolside shade, you’ll have extra protection from the sun and heat. Apart from the pool, you could also install a pond, fountain or a rocky waterfall.

Add a fire pit

Despite the high temperatures, a fire pit can be a very useful part of your backyard. Aside from it being the perfect spot for socializing and entertaining, it’s also a great tool for preparing food outdoors. What’s more, it’ll come in handy during cold winter months. But, before you decide to follow this tip, make sure you get informed about regulations regarding burning on the property in your living area.

Don’t forget about the kids

Don’t forget that your children need an outdoor living space just as much as you do. Therefore, transform one part of your backyard into a kids’ playground. And the good thing is that, again, there’s the number of low-cost DIY projects which can help you provide your loved ones with a place to play. Make a backyard sandbox, build a tree house, or put up a tree swing.

Key Takeaway

As you can see, your backyard doesn’t have to be extravagant in order to meet the requirements of every family member. With just a couple of improvements, any backyard can be transformed into a summer paradise.

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