How To Design A Welcoming Outdoor Space

How To Design A Welcoming Outdoor Space

A distinct outdoor space remains to be one of the most popular qualities in a home. Homeowners with busy lives look for their home to be their sanctuary, an escape. A special and unique outdoor space can provide that.

All too often, our backyards are an afterthought, rather than part of the original plan or design of our homes. Using similar principles to an indoor remodel, you can create high functioning outdoor spaces that will accommodate the indoor rooms allowing your home to flow more easily with its space. Furthermore, giving ample thought to remodeling your outdoor space will also add to your homes overall features and value.

If you’re looking to spend more time outdoors with your family and friends as the weather begins to warm, here are a few tips to consider before diving into your outdoor redesign project.

How To Design A Welcoming Outdoor Space

  • Don’t Reinvent—Extend. 
    Your outdoor space will look more appropriate if you let it harmonize with your home’s landscape and architectural design. Rather than creating a whole new room, simply extended the home’s living space into the backyard to allow for an easy flow in and out of the house.
  • Divide living and cooking areas. 
    Create smaller spaces with simple design to provide a more intimate feel. Define conversation areas by adding seating areas or a fireplace or incorporate natural elements such as shrub border that become walls.
  • Make the outdoor space scalable. patio spaces By creating smaller rooms within the entire space, it allows the space to feel intimate and welcoming, perfect to accommodate a small group of people or parties of 20 or more. When designing outdoor spaces always go back to basic and simple design ideas; make sure there is a reference to the interior and use architectural elements as well as furniture placement and plantings to help define and create a highly functioning space.

Get help pulling it all together

Whether you are in the market for updating your outdoor space, a general remodeling service or you have something very special in mind, our professional team can get the job done to meet your exact specifications. The professional design and landscaping team at Imagineer Remodeling can help you plan an outdoor space that matches your budget, aesthetic and functional requirements.

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