Turn your Boring Backyard into a Spa Haven

Thinking about sprucing up your backyard? Try these ideas to transform your boring backyard into a relaxing spa oasis.
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Upgrade Your Backyard on a Budget

A backyard has a wonderful potential to become so much more than a place you rarely visit and the dog regularly destroys while snooping around. It has the potential to become a true spa oasis, a safe haven where you can shed the stress of the day and forget about the troubles of the outside world. It can become a place of peace, serenity, and happiness.

The best part is, you don’t even have to bust the bank to make your backyard dreams come true, you simply need to invest some time, effort, and prudent planning into creating a place that resonates with your mind, and soul. Here is how you can turn a boring backyard into a spa haven.

Introduce some privacy

First, you want to introduce some much-needed privacy into your backyard in order to shield it from curious eyes. You can do this in a multitude of ways, but there is simply nothing better than raising a vertical garden around the yard.

Not only is a vertical garden beautiful, but it also perfectly corresponds with the peaceful theme of your new backyard. Plus, it acts as a natural wind and sound barrier, and can even cast a shadow in certain spots depending on its height. Make sure your garden fence boasts various greenery and colorful flower arrangements for an added dash of beauty and personality.

Beautiful shed cove

Ever wondered how to put that old shed in the backyard to good use? Forget about storage space or a DIY workshop, and instead create a beautiful backyard cove where you can spend your weekend afternoons drinking coffee and reading your favorite book.

When opened, it could contain a sofa, some floating shelves, a couple of garden chairs and a round table you can put out in front of the shed. This will create a perfect setting for those close family gatherings or an intimate tea session with your friends.

Pools and spas

A true backyard oasis can only come to life if you introduce a small swimming area coupled with a spa for those outdoor summer parties or winter hot tub gatherings. Be sure to research contemporary swimming pool designs that are both durable and elegant in order to elevate the aesthetic appeal of your backyard and introduce a functional novelty, as well.

Modern swimming pools and spas come in a wide range of colors, materials, and shapes, so no matter how small your backyard might be, you are bound to find a pool that fits perfectly and leaves room for additional features as well.


Don’t forget comfortable furniture

A backyard oasis is all about comfort and convenience, so you need to introduce comfortable furniture around the pool and patio area in order to let the positive vibes permeate the setting. Think comfy chairs, hammocks, and even lounge chairs complemented with colorful throws and pillows for an added touch of personality and uniqueness.

Don’t forget to protect the frames with a durable coating so that they can withstand the wear and tear of the outside elements, and be sure to bring in the cushions, pillows, and blankets when you are not using them. You can even use your backyard cove for this purpose.

Complement with a peaceful meditation deck

A spa haven is finally complete with a wooden meditation deck or a gazebo boasting pillows, potted plants, a decorative gong, and beautiful white curtains. The deck can be used for everything from a rejuvenating yoga session to a vigorous bodyweight workout, or even as a cool spot to hang out with your friends and family.

If you are feeling short on space, you can simply roll out a yoga mat on your existing patio or decorate a small spot on the lawn just as previously described. Alternatively, use the warm waters of your spa to meditate and relax.


Key Takeaway

Your backyard doesn’t have to be a boring place you need to maintain once every full moon. Rather, it can become a true haven of peace, positivity, and serenity. Use these creative tips to build yourself the backyard you always wanted.

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