Painting & Decorating: A Fresh Trend Report

If you’re thinking of changing things a bit around your home, the following painting and decorating trends are in style right now.

In both fashion and interior design industries, trends seem to come and go out of style before we can even enjoy them. Despite their fleeting nature, they are a mark of great style and you can always find a way to incorporate the most prominent aspects of a trend into your own home design and prolong their life, even when their time in the spotlight has passed.

If you’re thinking of changing things a bit around your home, the following trends in painting and decorating are in style right now.

Black & White Décor

Black and white décor is a timeless trend that has been popular this year as well and it’s favored by designers for the simple reason that it can add elegance and sophistication to a space much more effortlessly than other designs.

Whether it’s used through a paint scheme or furnishings, this is a great choice to add boldness and balance to your rooms and it can effectively create a modern and fresh vibe even if you choose a more traditional design for your home. 

Dark Greens

Another trend that has become increasingly popular this year is the use of strong dark green hues. Whether you introduce it in the form of furniture or as a part of your interior color palette, dark green will undoubtedly create a modern and dynamic look.

It can be a risky move to have such a strong color in your design scheme, but as current painting and decorating projects in Sydney demonstrate, if it’s implemented discretely and strategically, it can complement a home’s overall design and feel by emphasizing its best features.

Concrete and metal

As much as concrete and metal may sound cold and crude at first, they can be an excellent way of establishing a unique, modern and comfortable home. Concrete is best introduced in details that can add more definition and prominence in an otherwise dull space. It could be in the form of concrete countertops in the kitchen and bathroom, polished concrete floors in the main living area or exposed structural elements of the house.

Crittall style has also had its definitive comeback and it’s not seen only in windows, but also the metal elements in the walls, room dividers, partitions, and shower screens. Sturdy metal surfaces are edgy and very versatile and effectively create a more urban and industrial style. Crittall-style elements help you transform a space by defining its areas but still allowing plenty of light so it feels open and bright. Whether you live in a one-bedroom apartment in Pittsburgh or a spacious house in Palo Alto, employing design solutions to make your home appear larger is always welcome. 

Vintage Lighting

Another trend that has seen its rise this year is vintage lighting. In the past, the emphasis was on bold and extravagant lighting but this year, there’s a tendency towards more sophisticated and less exposed illumination in the form of vintage scones and pendants with copper, muted gold and brass finishes. 

The Hygge concept

The Hygge concept, invented by the Danes and pronounced “hoo-ga”, refers to the art of creating comfort, intimacy, and coziness. It has stormed the world of interior design and almost everyone is enchanted by the idea of designing a space with the gorgeous Nordic minimalism that results in such a simple and timeless décor.

Simply defined, hygge is a clutter-free and fresh living space with plenty of indoor plants, soft fluffy rugs on hardwood floors, lots of textured fabrics and furnishings, multiple soft lighting sources and books. Hygge goes beyond just simple décor, it also signifies a unity and family bonds, simple moments of joy, fun, family meals and celebrations. 

Key Takeaway

Interior design plays a significant role in our lives and it has gone far beyond creating a practical and liveable shelter. The modern interior design of today aims at having it all – creating a functional living space that also provides a pleasant, warm and inviting retreat. Design and painting trends are constantly changing to meet the demands but with clever and creating combinations, the most popular trends can be successfully incorporated and given a longer life span.

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