Ways to Incorporate Art into Your Interior Decorating

Art plays a significant role in the interior design of any home. It happens to be one of the features that will help your home stand out. These tips can help you inject a dose of personality and style into your home’s design.

Art plays a significant role in the interior design of any home. It happens to be one of the features that will help your home stand out. You can incorporate any form of art into your interior design, from photos, paintings, sculptures, or posters that you love. Art helps you inject a dose of personality and style into your home’s design. Let’s look at some of the ways in which you can create stunning visual effects in your home.

Adding an Antique Portrait

Do you have a thing for vintage furniture designs? If that’s the case, you should consider incorporating this personal taste in your home’s interior décor. Go ahead and purchase this vintage furniture you like, but do not stop there. To match your art to the furniture, get an antique portrait, preferably one that blends with the home’s historical theme.
The portrait does not necessarily have to be of someone you know. Any portrait that looks great with the historical style will do just fine. To create a more classic effect, fit the portrait in a gilt frame.

It should be placed in a prominent location, like behind a sofa. To further complement the classic theme, you can display antique matryoshka dolls on your accent table.

Setting Up a Hallway Gallery

An open staircase or hallway is a great location to display your home art gallery. Your collection of art should contain works that blend well without being matched too closely. Your home art gallery should be arranged in an organized manner, preferably in neat rows. To avoid a chaotic look, the art gallery should be installed on a white or solid-colored wall.

Contrasting Black-and-White Art with Bold Colors

There is nothing wrong with having black-and-white artworks done with a pencil or pen. Alternatively, you can choose to install sepia or black-and-white photos that fascinate your aesthetics. These art pieces should be placed on a neutral or white background.
Adding splashes of bright colors to the room provides the required contrast to bring out the beauty of your collection.

Position Your Conversation Art Pieces Strategically

One thing about a great art collection is that it gives you something to talk about with guests. To get the most social benefits from your art collection, consider placing it in places where conversations happen, such as your living room and dining room.

You can install an intriguing original painting beside your dining table or a fascinating figurine on the coffee table where guests can see them. With many pieces of large abstract wall art for sale, you can pick one to serve as a great conversation starter.

Here are a few other innovative ways to decorate a large wall and add to the appeal of your room while you’re at it.

Collect Art Made from Different Materials

Another way of livening your home’s interior design is by installing art pieces made from different materials—blend watercolor photos on paper with canvas wall art. Alternatively, you can mix shiny surfaces like stylized glass, ceramic candle holders and vases, or silver with the soft warmth of macrame or tapestries wall hangings.

Blending art like this results in a stunning look. However, do not overdo it by stuffing your home with all sorts of art styles. Instead, stick with at most three art styles with variations within each style.

Adding Movement

The artwork is a great way to incorporate movement into your home. In the art world, artists use movements to direct the viewer’s eyes to strategic positions and influencing the viewer’s perception.

Installing a piece of art conveying lots of movements will help create a rhythm between your furniture and art collection. The lines within the movements often translate into a story. The movement within the art piece might be reflected in the furniture creating an original and imaginative design.

Providing Color

You can use art to enhance or dictate a color palette. If you are stuck with your interior design, pick a piece of art that will fit in the space and design a color palette influenced by the art piece. You can borrow accent colors for ornamental objects from the less seen or secondary colors of the piece of art to enhance its different elements.
With a neutral color palette, you can showcase your favorite art piece with ease. You can use bright-colored artwork to add color and enrich a neutral palette—a juxtaposition of crisp white walls and pop colors creating an eye-catching aesthetic effect.


All components of a home’s interior décor work together, and it’s, therefore, wise to consider them as one package. Once you are ready to purchase the art pieces, visit a reputable art shop or company where you will find an ocean of art pieces to choose from. Pick your art pieces based on your personal taste, style, and your home’s overall interior design.

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