Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Yard Looking Healthy

If you're a homeowner, you'll want to keep your yard in tip-top shape. Here are some tips we recommend for making your yard look its best.

When you became a homeowner, you were likely very excited, but you also likely realized how many new responsibilities you had. One of these is making sure you’re maintaining your lawn properly. It doesn’t have to be overgrown to need attention. These are some tips we recommend for making your yard look its best.

Mow Your Yard

Mowing your yard should go without saying, but it can require more than just powering up your mower when it starts to look shaggy. You also need to make sure you’re mowing it correctly. One thing to keep in mind is how short you’re cutting it. Different types of grass have different recommended cutting lengths. The season can also be a factor. Warmer weather means mowing from a higher point. To prevent overcutting, consider purchasing a traditional reel mower. It doesn’t require that much more effort than a gas-powered one and can help save your grass. Another thing you can do when using a reel mower is “grasscycling.” This involves doing less and getting more. Instead of gathering all the grass you’ve mown and thrown it away, you can leave it there. This cut grass will break down and help enrich your yard.

Use Strong Fertilizers

Quality fertilizers are better for your grass’s health and appearance. If you’ve been using synthetic ones and aren’t happy with how your lawn is looking, make the switch now. You’ll get to see a much greener appearance from your yard. Plus, you’ll be able to avoid some of the side effects of using synthetic fertilizers, such as how their chemicals can toxify water supplies. Review any fertilizers that claim to be natural to make sure they don’t contain anything that could be harmful. You should also talk to lawn care experts for the best possible advice about what to use for fertilizers.

Proper Watering

Improper watering of your yard can happen even if you’re regularly hydrating it. You likely don’t need to water it more frequently. Instead, you need to make sure you’re getting as far down as possible. Different types of grass have different needs, but one-inch of water applied per week can be really useful. Keep track of your yard, specifically how the soil feels. Should it be dry or on the verge of dryness, you need to get the water back on. Just make sure you’re not acting in a counterintuitive manner by overwatering. Remember how far a seemingly small amount of water can go when you’re taking care of your yard.


Aeration is one of the most important things you can do for your yard. This helps to oxygenate your grass by loosening up your soil and allowing more air to come through, as well as water and vital nutrients. You can purchase an aerator to easily do the job for you. When preparing for the upcoming warm season, aeration gives your yard a really fighting chance in terms of being able to look beautiful. Depending on how much your yard has needed it, this could lead to a dramatic change in terms of appearance.


If you’re taking care of your yard, weeds should be no issue. However, should one spring up, you shouldn’t panic. Instead, get rid of them as quickly as possible and note where they’re located. Pull them out by their roots and dispose of them properly. Try not to use any chemical solutions, as these can end up wreaking havoc on other parts of your yard, as well as contribute to pollution.

Hiring Landscapers

Taking care of your yard to the fullest possible extent isn’t easy, especially not when you have other daily responsibilities. To keep things presentable, you should find professional landscapers. Things like landscaping services, Charlottesville VA, can be really useful for different needs. You might have specific one-time jobs that need to be fulfilled or want to solicit a company’s services on a regular basis. When you hire a company, tell them precisely what you need while also allowing them to share their expert opinions.

Your yard tells a lot of people about how well you take care of your home, even if that’s not your intention. You need to make sure you’re maintaining it and addressing problems right away. This way, you can make your yard and your property both look as excellent as possible.

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