7 Ways a Bathroom Facelift Can Add Value to Your Home

What are the first rooms in the house someone pays attention to when intending to make a purchase? The kitchen and the bathroom. The state of the bathroom will largely determine how someone perceives your house. When you compare the costs of remodeling and the increased value of the house, you will recoup up to 70 percent of remodeling costs. Seems like a smart investment, right? Even if you do not intend to sell, you will feel much better living in a house with functional and beautiful bathroom. Though you can give it a total facelift, usually there is no need for such extreme changes. Here are 7 ideas for adding value and charm to your bathroom.

7 Ways a Bathroom Facelift Can Add Value to Your Home


Install a Second Sink

Mornings can be tough, especially when everyone is racing to wash their face and brush their teeth at the same time. A second sink can be a true lifesaver in those situations. People tend to avoid this investment because they consider it too expensive. In reality, it can be really affordable because the sinks will share drain lines and supply.


Update Faucets and Fixtures

Nothing can chase away a potential home buyer as fast as a leaky faucet and it can be just as irritating for homeowners. Changing or repairing it is the only choice. New and properly sealed faucets and fixtures are necessary for comfortable everyday life of the house tenants and they are the right way to gain positive attention from potential home buyers. To accomplish the visual appeal, opt for modern and classy décor. Just browse online tapware to see contemporary designs available for the price you are willing to pay, and give your bathroom a fresh face.


Introduce More Light

Lighting is the difference between a cold room that causes stress and a warm room that relaxes. It is no different with the bathroom. Of course, natural light is the most appealing, so if you have a chance add or expand a window. Introduce task lights alongside the mirror and on the ceiling to create a more pleasant atmosphere.

Improve Heating

Stepping out of the shower on a cold floor is one of the worst feelings ever. Radiant indoor heating will attract the potential buyers, but it will also make you want to live in your house forever. Also, consider adding a heated towel rack, as an inexpensive way to bring warmth into your bathroom.

Invest In Ventilation Systems

The most unpleasant issue a bathroom can have is mold. The best way to prevent it is by having an efficient ventilation system. Replace your old and exhausted fans with some modern and quality models which will control humidity and maintain air quality, while offering better air-movement and less noise.


Add More Storage

A well designed bathroom has enough storage space. If you’re having a problem with storage, a great time to solve it is during the remodeling process. Custom cabinets are a great way to make the most of awkward spaces, while vertical storage units are ideal for small spaces. Make sure that all the storage units are coherent when it comes to style and colors.

Changing the Color Scheme

Not all bathrooms should be painted white and there are many other color schemes that can elevate the appearance of your bathroom. Depending on your preferences and the overall room style you can decide for some bolder options. Small spaces, however, will still require lighter shades, but you can opt for shades of green, yellow, orange, etc. If you want a modern design and you have a large bathroom, choose burgundy, chocolate brown or, why not, even black? There should be no boundaries for your creativity.


You will be amazed how one of these changes can breathe in new life into your bathroom and make it attractive for you and your family and alluring for potential homeowners.


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