7 Remodeling Projects that Will Add Extra Value to Your Home

Get the best bang for your buck and increase your home's value with these 7 home remodeling projects.
Projects That Add Value to Your Home

The real estate market is a fickle environment. If you are in a hurry to sell your house, you might just be disappointed for a while. First, the shadow of the economic crisis always looms above, and second, the improvements you have done on your house might deter potential buyers and lucrative deals.

To increase your chances of selling your house fast, read on for seven remodeling projects that will add extra value to your home.

Kitchen Remodel

Out of all the possible remodeling projects, a kitchen remodel is the best choice. The kitchen is the heart of every home and the way it’s set up, both logistically and aesthetically, can be a deciding factor for most potential buyers.

If the remodel is done right, you can expect a double return on your investment. However, don’t overdo it. The kitchen should reflect the style of the rest of the home and add both warmth and charm. As far as the style of choice goes, try to follow the latest trends in kitchen design and come up with the most financially sound plan. For a complete and incredibly thorough guide on remodeling your kitchen from start to finish, check out The Ultimate Guide to a Kitchen Remodel by groomandstyle.com.

All Hands-On Deck

A well-thought-out deck adds a lot to a home. For starters, it makes it look homier and more expensive, which is a feeling you want the potential buyer to have. The thing is, with a few smart choices and good investments, the deck can end up costing a little over $2000. This investment can return manifold, and you can save some of the money by doing the part of the work yourself.

Replace Your Roof

New roof makes the house look completely renovated from a distance and first impressions matter. If you are a responsible homeowner and already check your roof for possible damage about twice a year, you probably won’t have an issue in this department.

However, if your roof tiles look old, they appear to be moldy or covered in moss, renovation is crucial for a good sell. Make sure to also clean the drains while you’re at it.

Basement Conversion

This option adds square footage to the general living space. Why not turn what used to be a damp and stuffy basement into a colorful recreation area? With some brightly colored paint, a good dust off and a cleaning, you might end up with the most appealing room in the house. Just add some extra furniture and bingo!

Your unused basement is a space with great potential. It can be a guest room, a playroom, a man-cave, or whatever else you come up with.

Inspect Pipes & Drains

If you are doing kitchen renovations, your pipes will be accessible, and you’ll be able to inspect them for damage and possible blockage.

Filth and grime can create a menacing sediment in the pipes over the years, so hire an expert for blocked drains to inspect them and eliminate the issues before they blow out of proportion.

Fresh Lights Add a Sheen Of Style

If you decide to replace old fixtures that have worn off, go with the geometrically shaped ones that blend in with the environment – possibly, the ones that will additionally blend with the surface of the walls and ceiling. This adds a sheen of style to the rooms that probably didn’t have any before and it helps open the space and make the artificial light a natural part of the surrounding.

This undertaking can’t go by without hiring a reliable professional electrician who will double check every wire and make sure everything is in order. You don’t want an awkward situation where the new residents are faced with malfunctioning lights on the first day.

Add An Extra Bathroom

If your house has only one bathroom with a toilet, adding another one can add a significant boost to your house’s price and desirability.

Just find that extra room in the house and add a separate toilet that is a pure luxury during the busy mornings when everyone wakes up.

Key Takeaway

With these remodeling projects under your belt, the price of your house will skyrocket and there will be a lot of interested buyers.

The real estate agents won’t have any headaches about this top-notch lot; you’ll have a big burden off your back and you’ll be able to focus on your new home.

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