How To Transform Your House Into A Relaxing Haven


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After coming home from a long day’s work, you don’t want to step into a stiff, sterile environment. Instead, you want your home to be inviting and comfortable, a haven welcoming you, your family, and your friends to come in and relax. Here are some things to keep in mind when making your house into a home.

Tips To Turn Your Home Into A Relaxing Haven

Choose Comfortable, Relaxing Furniture

Using inviting furniture is a big part of a room’s ambiance. When choosing furniture, avoid stiff or awkward looking pieces. Look for items that not only look nice and inviting, but also feel cozy when you use them. For instance, consider getting massage chairs, upgrading cheap mattresses to ones with more structure, and making sure your dining room chairs aren’t going to give anyone a backache.

Create Ambiance with Lighting

First, keep in mind that sunlight is your friend. Do your best to take advantage of any and all natural lighting by choosing window treatments that allow plenty of sunlight in.

When installing light fixtures, keep in mind how each room is going to be used. A strong, bright light might be helpful in an office or craft room, as working on projects in a dim light may cause eye strain. The same light in your bedroom, however, might feel glaringly bright.

Soothe with Color

While there may be some people who find bright colors to be mentally calming, most people agree that loud colors are more stimulating than relaxing. This means that for the most part you’ll probably want to stick to neutral and natural shades to create an environment of relaxation.

Gray and beige shades generally work in almost every type of room, and pale greens and blues are also considered to be soothing colors. Use pale shades to keep a room feeling airy and light.

Don’t Forget the Bathroom!

While your bathroom may not be a room you think of as a focal point, it does affect the way you perceive your house. A tastefully decorated and cleaned bathroom might not be the first thing your guests remember about your house, but an ugly or dirty bathroom probably will be–and not in a good way!

Since bathrooms are generally small rooms, you’ll probably want to get rid of as much clutter as possible and make sure that bathroom fixtures are coordinated and up-to-date. But these are just the essentials, so don’t stop there! Replace old towels with new, fluffy ones. Install a deep tub to allow for a wonderful soak when you’re feeling achy. Light candles to make sure the room stays fresh smelling, and make sure you have adequate cabinet space to keep things well organized.

Making it Flow

This is one of the most important elements in making your home relaxing. A room with too much furniture in it will appear cluttered, no matter how comfy the furniture is. Likewise, not having enough furniture in a room can make it seem empty and unfinished. The colors in each room should work together to create a coordinated look, rather than clashing with each other or simply looking out of place. Furthermore, the way that the elements in a room are positioned can make a huge difference in how inviting the room appears.

In conclusion, remember that your home needs to be relaxing for you. The tips above are all general truths, but if you don’t incorporate your own personal tastes and styles your home will still just feel like a house. The style that one person finds most relaxing may seem a bit cold and bare to others, and that same person may find that a rustic country-style home feels too old-fashioned and cluttered for them to truly love it. Every person is different, so make sure to adapt things for your tastes and desires to make your house into the perfect haven for you.

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