Effective Design Solutions for Modernizing Your Kitchen

Looking for simple ways to improve the look and the functionality of your kitchen? Check out our tips for designing a modern kitchen on a budget.

Most people looking to revamp their kitchen are doing it for one of the following two reasons: their kitchen is no longer as functional as it used to be or they are planning to sell their house. In case you didn’t know, the kitchen and the bathroom are the two most important rooms in each house when it comes to its overall appeal. So, almost any investment in updating your kitchen is a wise decision from a business point of view.

If, on the other hand, your budget is limited, but you need to do something about your kitchen, there are also enough simple ideas to help you improve the look and the functionality of your kitchen. If you’re creative and handy with tools, you achieve even better results with less money spent! Let’s look at some ideas that you might find useful.


Apart from painting the walls to give the whole place a fresh, new look, there are other things you can do that would bring a similar effect. For instance, your kitchen cabinets might benefit greatly from a fresh coat of paint. If that paint is bright green or pale blue, you might achieve excellent results.

Another option is to paint just some of the cabinets, thus getting a high-contrast look. If you combine metal and wood elements for eclectic effect, your kitchen will be appreciated by all those into the latest trends in interior decoration.

Finally, if you can’t afford or don’t really need to replace your floorboards, you might consider giving them a whole new lease on life. The brave will opt for white, since it reveals every single crumb that falls, while those more adventurous will choose paler shades of blue or gray. The most creative ones will turn to stenciling as a method of decorating their floor.


Replace Things

It’s easy to make a sudden impact on the overall look of your kitchen by replacing knobs and pulls, for example. Depending on the style you’re after and your budget, you can choose from hundreds of different designs that can complement your cabinets and drawers well.

Also, you might think about replacing faucets, especially if they don’t look new or well-maintained any more. A faulty faucet can cause much more damage than the price of a replacement, which is why it’s always a good idea to regularly inspect all the faucets, advise the experts at Pipe Perfection

Add Elements

Sconces above open shelves make the room much friendlier and more inviting, particularly if you can hide the cords. Similarly, vintage, rustic elements, such as a wooden stool, can also play their part in modernizing your kitchen, since they give the kitchen lots of character.

Since each kitchen needs a lot of storage space, you may get some by installing wood shelves on metal brackets above the counter. This is a cheap, yet effective idea for increasing both the functionality and appeal. If you put your newly bought dishes on them, your kitchen will certainly look very trendy.


Remove Elements

Less is more sometimes and that’s often the case when design is concerned. More and more people are removing upper cabinet doors and, thus, opening up the space. This option is particularly popular among those who can’t really boast a spacious kitchen.

Focus on the Fridge

If you can’t afford a new fridge, but your old one is in desperate need of modernization, try painting it with chalkboard paint. It will create a surface that your kids will love to draw on and you can also use it for creating shopping lists or expressing yourself artistically.

Another great idea is to make your own wainscot fridge cover. It’s a time-consuming project, but you might be rewarded with your own work of art that surely won’t go unnoticed.


As you can see, much can be achieved with very little resources, but you need to invest some of your time, talent and creativity. There are, of course, jobs you should not perform unless you’re a trained professional, such as rewiring and installing new light fixtures, but most of the things are a perfect opportunity for a DIY project that can include the whole family, which just adds even more fun and pleasure to the whole thing.

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