Simple Kitchen Improvements vs. An Extravagant Kitchen Remodel

Remodeling Your Kitchen - simple vs. extravagantWe all know that remodeling a kitchen could be very costly investment. But, did you know that a kitchen renovation has a considerable pay back for homeowners looking to significantly add value to their home?

Countertops are typically the center stage and the shining star of the kitchen; however, cabinetry has also become a large and unique supporting-star in tying together the room’s overall feel.

Today with the help of the internet, social media site such as Pinterest, Instagram, Houzz and many DIY websites and blogs, more homeowners can enjoy the journey creating their personal needs and preferences in the cabinetry and countertop renovations, with all the selection in style, materials, colors and designs.

At Imagineer Remodeling, our mission is to make your remodeling into the best experience ever, so, which sort of kitchen improvement are you looking to make? What are the main concerns, desires and needs you have in that dream kitchen?


Simple Kitchen Improvements

There are simple and creative do-it-yourself (DIY) ideas you can actually do on your own to enhance your current cabinetry.

One simple and easy remodeling project can be a fresh coat of paint. Bright and fun colors will bring a fresh ambiance to your kitchen and your entire home.update-cabinet-paint-material

In addition replacing cabinet knobs and handles or adding a crown molding finish are creative ways to express your own personality and completely transform the vibe of your cabinetry.

You could also opt to replace your current cabinets with pullout cabinets, plate rakes or sideboards. Although these options require a little more craftsmanship, the finish product could bring functionality and efficiency to your kitchen.


Light is another great technique to spruce up your kitchen cabinetry and highlight the focal point of your home. Try adding lighting below your cabinetry or inside of cabinets replaced with glass shelves or paneling.



Extravagant Kitchen Remodel

If you decide to go for an elaborate kitchen renovation, typically, homeowners require removing old cabinets and counter tops and replacing them with new, efficient cabinets, and matching countertops.

Finely crafted cabinets can shine and really bring a fresh and innovative finish to your kitchen. These days, custom kitchen cabinets come in various finishes, colors, styles and materials so it is important to fully understand the benefits or downsides of each.

Although cabinetry installation can be a fun DIY project, we offer installation services to eliminate any burden and stress on you and your family. Imagineer Remodeling is your “one-stop shop” for those looking to execute new cabinetry remodels in their home.

You know it’s time to replace your kitchen countertops when they are damaged beyond repair, are too difficult to maintain or no longer match your design vision. If your countertops are made of stone or solid-surfacing, after many years deep cracks, pitted areas, and scorched marks may appear. Ceramic-tiled counters are also due for replacing when badly stained and/or broken. Laminate countertops suffering from outdated colors or patterns, deep knife cuts, water damage, or staining might also need replacing.

When comparing countertop materials, another good tip is to consider their maintenance level:

  • Granite and marble countertops might need to be periodically resealed and polished
  • Nonporous quartz, stainless-steel, solid surfacing, and laminate countertops require no sealing or polishing.
  • Soapstone countertops, which are porous and unsealed, have special cleaning requirements and will need to be treated with mineral oil a few times a year. Wood and concrete countertops might also require periodic oiling or resealing (depending on their original finish)

Before you go shopping, ensure you have your measurements in hand to help you estimate material costs. Also, have a good idea of what type of countertop material best suits your kitchen and work habits; if you prefer easy-care countertops, pay attention to each material’s maintenance requirements.

Whichever journey you and your family take — the simple improvements or the extravagant remodel — Imagineer Remodeling has all the resources to help make your decision easier. Our company is comprised of licensed contractors, layout planners and interior designers that are certified to enter your home, make recommendations on your space and assist you with making the best selection for your family needs, wishes you would like to achieve.


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