Remodeling Your Kitchen: How To Begin A Kitchen Renovation Project


The kitchen is one of the toughest and most complicated remodeling projects to undertake. Since your kitchen is the heart and soul of your home, there are many decisions that you’ll need to make throughout the process. According to Remodeling Magazine, a major kitchen remodeling can result in a return on investment of between 61 and 70 percent of the cost.

When remodeling a kitchen, think efficiency, functionality, style and lifespan and find the perfect layout that will work for your family’s lifestyles and needs.

Remodeling your kitchen is a major task. Before you dive in, you’ll need to take the time to asses how you are using your current kitchen and what you would like the remodel to accomplish. Here are some considerations you might want to keep in mind.

Kitchen Remodeling Considerations 

Size (or Square Footage)

Size is certainly not a prerequisite for a great entertaining kitchen—though square footage will determine whether you can include features like an island or butler’s pantry, if you’re not the cook for your parties. When designing a kitchen that functions as an effective entertaining space, it’s all about the specialty features that are integrated in the space to make serving food and beverage easy.


What quality/type of appliances would suite your needs? Do you require storage for any specialty items—a spice collection, a range of pots, pans, utensils, etc.? Consider how you will you actually use your kitchen day-to-day as you prioritize features for your new kitchen.

Focus on Zones

When considering the layout of your kitchen, think about your current kitchen layout and pay close attention to the distinct “zones” you’ll require for preparing food, cooking meals, cleaning up and serving in your new space.


A good key to staying within your budget is sticking to your original plan. Take it from us: one us the fastest ways to go over your estimated budget is by changing your mind about the original materials and finishes you had chosen. Decide where you want to spend and where you want to save and set a realistic budget keeping in mind that a kitchen remodel should cost between 6 to 10% of your homes value.

Once you get a better idea of your remodeling requirements, consider kitchen designs that suit your daily needs as well as those special occasions, whether you’re an epicurean or an entertainer.

Before you begin your kitchen renovation, seriously review how you use your current kitchen and set goals for your remodel. This way, you can stay on track as you make important decisions about floor plan, appliances, cabinetry and more.

Imagineer Remodeling can help create a unique and custom solution to tend to your particular needs and wants for your kitchen and how you’d like the space to be utilized for your own personal must haves.

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