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white kitchen design

The Color White in Kitchen Design

White is perhaps one of the most appealing and stimulating colors for a kitchen. While many kitchen design trends fade as quickly as they emerged, the white kitchen remains to hold timeless value, appeal and endless style options. White kitchens convey elegance and luxury, along with a classic style. Working with the color white in your kitchen will allow you to combine contemporary and traditional design elements to create both modern looking and classic kitchen styles.

White Kitchens Stand the Test of Time


Timeless, classic and neutral style makes the color white the star in kitchen design. Here are a few more reasons to choose a white or shades of white as your main color pallet for your kitchen design:

Contrasts brilliantly with darker colors and stands out in opposition to colors like black that can often be found in kitchen appliances.IR11-X157White is associated with new beginnings, neutrality, lightness, and exactitude.IR13_264A neutral palette creates a tranquil sanctuary in calming shades of white, grey, and beige. IR11-X125Kitchens that focus on lighter, brighter colors can also transform a small space by making it appear larger, and livelier.IR11-L058

Should Everything Be White?

kitchen-cabinet-2012-op12-x143-oppein-malaysia-gallery-800x600Using white as the main color in a kitchen allows you to remain style neutral so you can mix and match contemporary, modern and traditional styles, colors and designs.


Gray shades in the kitchen are also popular since they are a neutral color that’s ads sophistication to the room. Moreover, we are also seeing a shift toward incorporating white tones with slightly darker grays to create a space that looks large, expansive and slightly modern.

Working With White

Want to incorporate even more color into your white kitchen? The beauty of working with white as your main base color is that it tends to compliment most other colors well. Let’s face it; every color looks great paired with white. A good tip to keep in mind is to know your color pallet and stick with it. Do you want a cool kitchen inspired by whites, blues and grays or the warmth an off white with shades of browns and yellows? You can try adding splashes of color inside your cabinets or in the back of a hutch. Or for a less permanent option, add color through accessories and wall art to accentuate your main color: white.


The classic white kitchen will forever be practical, classic and bold. The look may evolve as styles change, but the appeal of a white kitchen will forever be in demand. Whether you prefer all white or sparked with color, the classic white kitchen blends well into any home. If you’re looking to remodel and create an all-white kitchen or just want to update some features in your kitchen to make it feel more fresh and bright, the design team at Imagineer Remodeling is happy to provide you with the consultation and inspiration you need. Contact us, check out our other kitchen designs or visit our showroom for more information.

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