Boho Decor Elements for a Stunning Kids’ Room

Looking to redesign your kids’ room? Here are several must-have décor tricks you can use to start designing a Boho room for your kids.
Boho décor style for Children

Designing your kids’ room can be a truly exciting project as this room gives you the opportunity for more creative freedom than other areas of your home. It’s a room for your special little humans and besides being functional and comfortable, it also needs to cozy, comfy and unique.

If you love varying textures, colors, prints, patterns and layers of fabrics, then Boho décor could be the best pick. Here are several must-have décor tricks you can use to start designing a Boho room for your kids.

Mix old and new

The great thing about Boho décor style is the fact that it doesn’t have to cost you much. There’s absolutely no need to shop at expensive stores and fish for pricey vintage pieces. It might just happen that you already have some great items in your own home, such as family heirloom or something from your own childhood.

Another great source for Boho décor is thrift stores and garage sales, where you can easily find things such as a patchwork quilt, cushions, and poufs, a Moroccan lantern or a rustic mirror.

Also, details are what make the Boho style so interesting and appealing, so look for unusual and original ones such as tassels, faux fur, throws and blankets, bed canopy, lamps, paisley patterned curtains, and a wall clock.

Make it colorful

Colors are essential in kids’ rooms, kids absolutely love them and you almost can’t have too many. Boho style can be interpreted in many ways. So you can go with bolder color schemes and use rich browns, orange, green, yellow, red and dark blue, or you might prefer softer tones and go with pale pink, grey, beige, baby blue, and purple. Your only concern is to fit the colors well with the décor elements.

Dress up the floor

The floor is often omitted by most people when thinking of decorating, but it’s an important space. Kids love playing on the floor so make sure it’s suitably dressed up. For instance, playful kids rugs will add tons of vibrancy and brightness to the room. With a great variety of colors, patterns, and shapes, you can easily find a rug that will tie in well with the rest of your Boho decor while also giving the kids a warm, soft base to play on.

Use organic materials

Genuine Boho décor always finds inspiration in nature and incorporates tons of organic materials. You can do this through graphic elements, raw materials, and organic design patterns. Think in terms of a hand-made organic tapestry, woolen blankets, raw wood shelves, and tiny potted plants. This will also give your kids a chance to appreciate nature.

Decorate the walls

No matter your kids’ age, personalizing their room is always very important to them and one of the best ways to do it is by utilizing the walls. The vertical space is often forgotten and it makes a great blank canvas to display things your kids love.

You can include any element you like, such as arrows, letters, quotes, superhero posters, garlands, art paintings, framed family photos or animal prints, a vintage world map or your kids’ own artwork. The best thing is that none of these elements need to match in size or shape, so you can combine them any way you prefer.

Redesigning your kids’ room in Boho style is fairly easy. All you need is the right elements, lots of colors and textures and your creative energy. The result will be a warm and cozy room where your kids will be happy and content.

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