7 Easy Tips and Tricks to Revamp Your Bedroom

Here are 7 easy steps and tricks that will completely transform the look of your bedroom in a matter of hours without overspending.
Revamp your bedroom with these simple tips

You have probably gone to bed countless times thinking that the décor of your bedroom is inadequate. Since this is the room where sleep takes precedence, the decision to revamp your bedroom is probably long-lingering but this Sunday afternoon it’s time to take some action. Here are 7 easy steps and tricks that will completely transform the look of your bedroom in a matter of hours without overspending.

rearrange the furniture

The first thing you should do is rearrange the furniture in your room entierly. Completely do away with the old layout, sit down and draw a new plan for their entire room. For instance, the bed can go under the window and you can use the wardrobe as a provisional nightstand. The nightstand, on the other hand, can move next to the door and you can place a clock on the wall opposite the bed. Unless the furniture inside your room is super heavy, this phase is basically a chess game of interior decoration. Envision how you would like your new room to look and turn it into reality!

A splash of color

The colors inside the bedroom need to be neutral, soft and soothing but this doesn’t mean that the entire rooms should be painted in a single color. You have to break that white, mellow green or gray with some vibrant hues found on accessories and the bed. For instance, a single strip of purple of blue along the walls can change the atmosphere of the entire room. Furthermore, purple bedsheets and velvet cushions and pillow present the ideal contrast to the otherwise neutral color of the walls.

A comfy bed to sleep in

The bedroom got its name, no surprise there, from the central pieces of furniture inside it: the bed. If the bed is not comfortable, then all the sprucing up around it will be in vain. You need to replace the current bed if it’s incompatible in the sense that it is rickety due to old age or that it is too short and your feet are protruding when you lie down. A bed must be perfect as this factor directly influences your quality of sleep. In terms of décor, you can try adding a vintage headboard to turn around the appearance of the bed.

Tend to the windows

Now that we have reminded ourselves that sleep is the activity we wish to aid, tending to the windows can help you resolve a potential sleep disorder. Don’t you just hate it when sunrays hit you straight on the face first thing in the morning? Getting up to shut the blinds means that there is no going back to bed afterwards. This is where a pair of stylish window awnings steps in to ensure that the sun cannot enter the bedroom unless you want it to. The long retractable arm of the window awning helps you set it at the right angle so sunrays are kept outside. If you choose the right color palette, then your façade will benefit from a stylish (cloth) addition to it.

Establish a reading corner

A lot of us like to take our reading inside the bedroom, probably because we feel most relaxed in this part of the house. However, the bedroom does not have a library-like area, so we are forced to lies in the most awkward of figures on the bed. Instead of this “book gymnastics,” you should create a reading corner comprised of a comfortable armchair or a sofa, an overhead lamp, and of course, a good book. And the location? Well, the corner of the room obviously but be sure to choose the corner next to the windows that receive plenty of natural light.

A rug of the right size

One décor detail that may people usually overlook is the rug. In general, people think that a rug does not belong in the bedroom but this is wrong, as it has the power to change the atmosphere inside and help bring in that splash of different colors we spoke about earlier. However, you have to position the rug in the right way and shop for a piece of carpeting that is the right size for your bedroom. Ideally, the rug should be large enough to fit under the bed and another piece of furniture, such as the wardrobe.

Get rid of mirrors

The revamping of your bedroom will require one final step that coincides with the etymology of the verb we used in the title. Namely, you have to get rid of the mirrors in the room, not out of fear that you might find out you’re a vampire but because mirrors generate too much light. The bedroom should be a room where darkness reigns, so any sunlight deflecting off the mirror is not a good thing.

Now you know how easy it is to revamp your bedroom. There is no longer an excuse to postpone the long-awaited spring cleaning and furniture rearranging of the room you sleep in.

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