How to Fully Renovate a Bedroom without Demolition in 10 Easy Steps

Do you want to fully renovate your bedroom? Here are 10 ways to create a brand new bedroom and a great sleeping experience - without demolishing a thing.

Do you want to fully renovate your bedroom? If so, then many experts might suggest bedroom demolition for a fresh start. However, a full demolition is not always an applicable solution for every scenario. For example:

  • You may be on a tight budget (bedroom demolitions can be costly)
  • You could simply be pressed for time e.g. you also use your bedroom as a workspace and can’t wait more than a week for renovations
  • You have kids (especially for small babies or toddlers) who may not find loud noises and a “construction” atmosphere ideal
  • You may only need to make a few remodeling tweaks and changes
  • You are making new space for medical reasons e.g. a family member that requires hospice care from home or for a special needs child that needs a sensory space

If you fit into any of the categories above then this article is for you. I am going to discuss simple and practical ways to completely remodel your bedroom room from floor to ceiling without the need for demolition. That includes options like changing the lighting in your room, buying a new bed, picking the best mattress, and selecting new beddings.

I’ve learned from past experiences that these steps can also help you get a good night’s sleep. For example, as you do your bedroom renovations, you can find a mattress with features like gel-infused memory foam, motion isolation, and removable covers. All of these will not only give you a brand new room but also a great sleeping experience, as well – without demolishing a thing.

Benefits of Bedroom Remodeling

While demolition is the most practical option for fully renovating bedrooms, in many cases you can often do great bedroom remodeling without it. But first, I’ll give you the main benefits of bedroom remodeling. These are all especially useful if you’re having second thoughts about remodeling.

More Space

If your family is growing, then you might need more space for the new family members. This can include newborns, adult sons/daughters, and even seniors. If you want to avoid adding an addition or buying a new house, then you have better options. They include remodeling existing rooms and deciding to pick the best mattress.

When you improve/expand your house’s rooms, it also boosts the value. Over time the room expansions can certainly pay for themselves.

Energy Efficiency

You can lower your electric bills, for example, by replacing drafty windows with energy-efficient ones. This helps to amp up climate control.

If you remove the entire house, you can greatly lower utility bills versus just renovating one bedroom. In fact, new windows, doors, and insulation can pay for themselves over time. So options like beds, beddings, and mattresses are worth considering if it means better sleep quality.

Improve the Overall Look & Feel of Your Bedroom

Is your bedroom feeling “old”? Sometimes, after a few years of sleeping in the same room, with the same furniture arrangement, it can feel drab and dark. Sleeping in a bedroom that doesn’t look or feel right to you anymore can greatly affect the quality of your sleep. Remodeling your bedroom can effectively breathe new life into the room that you spend many hours in.

Make Room for More Things

Remodeling your bedroom means you can make space for new things. It also means it’s a great opportunity to throw out old things that you don’t need. This is especially true if you’ve started a new phase in your life like getting a new job that requires you to wear special gear/uniforms or a specific kind of outfit. Or maybe you’ve started a new business or hobby that requires you to store new equipment in your own bedroom. Rearranging, adding or removing furniture can make way for more things.

Principal Considerations before Remodeling


Everyone has a personal style. This can include different factors like how bright or dark you want the bedroom. Some people prefer a traditional or contemporary look. You might be a fan of bright, bold colors or neutral colors.

Regardless of your style preferences, make sure to go with a bedroom style that you can literally live with for years. For example, if you go with a trending color, it might not be hot next season, so you’d be stuck with chives, saffron, or biscay green until you renovate the room again.

Classic color schemes that are easy on renovations and remodelings are:

  • Neutral color schemes like cream, ivory, gray, or white
  • Earth tones like brown, beige, light blue, or green

Classic bedroom themes that may interest you if don’t want to stuck with short-lived bedroom trends:

  • Rustic/country bedroom themes
  • “White” minimalist themes with white curtains, bedding, bed frames, cabinets, and cupboards


It’s important to consider your wants and needs before you start remodeling a bedroom. Do you want to reduce loud noises, make a room brighter, or add bedroom furniture like beds, chairs, and tables? It’s important to bring everything together with themes, color schemes, and so on. This should affect your choices of furniture, wall décor, wallpaper, etc.


This is another big issue to take up. We usually think of the bedroom as a place to sleep, and that should be the main function. However, sometimes it also takes on other functions as an office and theater.

10 Tips for Remodeling Your Bedroom

Paint with the right colors

This can include different factors like paint colors, wallpaper designs, and so on. Make sure to go with calming colors like blue, green, and violet. This will help you to stay calm when it’s bedtime since you’ll see those colors before you get shut-eye.

In order to do this, demolition isn’t necessary but you will need to take some time to move furniture, place protective sheets on the floors, and basically just gradually empty out the room in order to pain its four walls. You can get professionals to do this but you can also make use of DIY tips for bedroom painting.

Add Good Lighting

Make sure to go with soft lighting that’s ideal for reading books, watching TV, and doing virtual office work. Dimmers can help to provide the right amount of light you need throughout the day.

Also, lampshades and lighting fixtures can add personality to the room. You can select clean, minimalist and affordable lighting options from Ikea or, if you like going luxe, you can choose crystal-encrusted options, too. Otherwise, lighting fixtures are a great DIY project. You can find lots of tips online

Aside from table lamps, floor lamps can take your bedroom’s look to a whole new level. A stylish floor lamp is an affordable way to add some pizzazz to a bedroom.

Sort and Ditch

A big part of renovating rooms without the need for demolition is getting rid of stuff you don’t need to make room for things that you do need. For example, you could keep one book on your bedside table instead of 100. Decluttering will improve aesthetics, make it easier to find stuff, and even reduce stress levels.

As Marie Kondo says, “Does this spark joy?” If it does, keep it.” If it doesn’t, then it’s time to put it away. Decluttering also just doesn’t mean throwing things away. Giving away used clothing to the Salvation Army or to a homeless shelter can go a long way. Donating used furniture is also a great way to help out the needy and the struggling.

Dress Up (or Dress Down) Your Windows

People often focus on items like area rugs when renovating rooms. However, window treatments are actually more critical. Here’s why. Bedrooms are usually smaller than living rooms, dining rooms, family rooms, etc. So when you add window dressing, this draws people’s eyes from the big furniture to beyond the room. Curtains, shades, and blinds are just some of the options you have.

2020’s curtain trends include minimalist Japanese or Scandinavian curtains. But French-Provencal curtains with warm prints are still in style, too. Curtains are really a personal preference. And it’s a way for you to express your own style.

Update Existing Furniture

In general, you should avoid making wholesale changes to your bedroom’s furniture. Sometimes all you need to add is some paint, varnish, or sandpaper to the furniture to help it look brand new.

If you’re on a tight budget, you can shop for a few new pieces to update your bedroom’s look or you can also hunt for unique furniture at your local flea market.

Rearranging Furniture

Examine your room carefully. Take into consideration the placement of your furniture. Sometimes, moving your desk by the window or positioning a comfortable chair by the side of your bed can make all the difference. Rearranging furniture can help your room look updated and remodeled without the expense and time needed for demolition.

Create a Small Reading Area

A desk/chair combo or desk nook can add value to your bedroom since it provides a place for reading and thinking.

Add Indoor Plants

This can provide several benefits. For instance, there’s the color green that has a calming effect. The greenery can also create a natural environment in your bedroom. Another plus is the increased oxygen levels the plants give off.

Hang Art or Photos On Your Walls

From the quirky to the obscure, art is a simple way to remodel your room. If you’re not an art buff, that’s not a problem. Finding simple prints, quotes/sayings, and still life images are already great ideas for bedroom art.

Memorable photos are also a great way to freshen up your bedroom’s look. Find photos from your last family vacation or the last time you had dinner and drinks with friends. Or, you can also find nature photos you may have taken while hiking or during a summer trip to the beach. Picture frames are an easy DIY project and you can also find lots of affordable options in-store and online.

Install Bedroom Wallpaper

This is an easy yet effective way to add color and style to your walls. You can go with traditional designs like woodblock printing, or innovative designs like a big photo or contemporary print.

In some cases, it’s more practical to demolish a bedroom due to crumbling materials, dangerous chemicals, etc. However, in many situations, you can do a bedroom renovation instead. Changing things like bedroom furniture, room décor, and wall color can help. You could also simply pick the best mattress to revamp rooms.

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