5 Tips for Remodeling Your Master Bathroom

If you've have decided to remodel or update your master bathroom, here are several tips to help make the process smoother.

So, you have decided to remodel your bathroom. Are you trying to make your bathroom more functional? Are you trying to make your bathroom brighter and more cheerful? Or, are you trying to just change things up a bit? No matter why you are remodeling, several tips help make the process smoother.

Planning is Essential

Planning is a very important and essential step. Planning helps with timing and staying on budget. Speaking with a professional is helpful at this point in the process. They will help you plan out the colors and fixture designs for the new look. Make sure when you plan that you set aside a certain amount of the budget for unexpected costs. These things almost always happen. the last thing you want is to have to stop a remodel due to lack of funding.

Amplify Space in Your Bathroom

One thing that people tend to do when remodeling is to make their bathroom seem larger than it is. One way is by using different colors. Bright and cheerful colors make a room seem bigger. Another great way to do this is by using glass doors for your shower and bathtubs. Installing pedestal sinks create more room. Also, using a shower and bath combination creates more room.

Another way to amplify space is by creating storage within the bathroom that wasn’t there before. Installing towel racks on the wall is an efficient way to create storage space. Shelving is also installed and used for added storage. Another way to amplify space is by installing a cabinet over the toilet for added storage. Storage is something that will be in trend now and in the future.

Choose Flooring to Last

One thing that you should also pay attention to is the flooring in the bathroom. You want to choose flooring that will last. The bathroom attracts moisture and some types of flooring do not last in that type of room. What you use in your bedroom isn’t always essential for the bathroom. Your bathroom floor should be beautiful and durable.

A popular trend today is heated flooring. The bathroom is one of the most used rooms of a home. Heated bathroom floors are great for those cold nights after a hot shower. They also come in handy on cold nights when you wake in the middle of the night. Bathroom floor heating can be installed with any type of flooring. This includes vinyl, laminate, hardwood, and more.

Think of the Future

This is a tip that many people don’t think about. In your essential planning, you should also look at what is going to be happening in your life in the coming years. Heated and durable flooring are things needed if expanding your family. Depending on the number of people already in your family, you may need to add a sink as well. This will help to expand your bathroom as well.

Proper ventilation is also very important. The wear and tear of a bathroom will be worse without proper ventilation. Things like mold and mildew begin to set in. If this happens, you will be remodeling your bathroom again a lot sooner than you want. Mold and mildew attack cabinets, walls, floors, and more in a bathroom. Install a ventilation fan with a timer to help with ventilation.

Choose Lighting Carefully

Lighting in a bathroom can be bright and bold or subtle and illuminating. You want to make sure to put brighter lights next to mirrors to see better. You can also install dimmer switches and LED recessed lighting. Overhead lighting comes in many different forms as well. Choose between pendant lighting, frosted fixtures, or dome lights.

Remodeling your bathroom is a fun way to bring change to your home. Upgrading is also something that can be costly and time-consuming. Before taking on the big step, consult with a professional. They will help you to create a great design and floor plan. There are many different options to choose from when remodeling. Understand and know all your options before choosing. Remodeling is anything from changing just a few fixtures to a complete remodel. Make sure you know your budget before deciding what you want to change and then have fun.

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