Eclectic Bathroom Design

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Designing your new bathroom or enriching a current one is a great opportunity for being creative. This is particularly true for all those among us who have never been fully satisfied with a single bathroom design style and always felt that there was something missing. Either by adding contrasting moments or creating an original and interesting setting from scratch, mixing different style is what eclectic is all about.

Here’s a number of ways you can take the best from every particular style you like and create something unique and eye-catching.

An Eclectic Mindset

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The greatest beauty about the eclectic design is that there really are no rules. Eclectic setting is all about freedom and combining seemingly uncombinable things, styles and eras. Therefore, let your artistic spirit roam and feel free to choose anything from anywhere as long as the combination of different items leads to a combination of individual entries that complement or contrast each other in creating a unique looking whole.

Mix Old & New

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Another great thing about eclectic style is that it allows you to mix old and new items, meaning that you can enrich and change the overall atmosphere whenever you feel like it for practically nothing. For example, if you happen to stumble upon a great ornate mirror at the thrift store and immediately fall in love with it by all means go for it, it will fit your contemporary cabinet perfectly in your eclectic setting.

Mix Contemporary & Traditional

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As it was said before, being eclectic is all about making unique combinations. Mixing contemporary and traditional items is another great way of creating an original setting. Also, an unfinished, natural wood bench would perfectly complement a modern shower cabin. If bathtubs are your preference, a classic tub on a modern stand is another powerful combination, just as straight and sharp lines of your contemporary cabinet would be elegantly softened by a traditional pedestal sink.

A Touch Of Art

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An eclectic setting is also a fertile ground for exhibiting your artistic preferences. Once again, there are no style restrictions whatsoever; as long as you give the displayed art pieces enough room to shine in their fullest potential. Artwork belonging to different eras and artistic movements, black and white photographs, tapestry and on-the-wall paintings, to name just a few, can simultaneously finds their home on your gallery-like bathroom walls. You can even turn your exposed plumbing into an exhibition area with artwork hanging from them, as long as you keep them accessible in case maintenance is need, like blocked drains fixture or similar.

Keep A Clean & Simple Background

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Since eclectic is all about combining elements of different origin and style there is a chance that your bathroom may end up looking like an indoor garage sale. To avoid falling into this trap, give all prominent elements enough space and keep a background simple. Paint the walls in neutral colors. Remember, neutral does not mean boring. What is more, neutral colored walls emphasize everything on them instead of taking away from it. This goes for doors and window frames, as well. Keep them simple and clean and allow the attention to focus on every individual item you have in your bathroom.

image 4 (1)There are no stylistic limitations when eclectic design is concerned. Feel free to combine anything you like, old and new and change the setting by adding or taking away single elements. Follow the artist in you and feel free to make seemingly impossible combinations, as long as you do allow every individual item to be clearly noticeable and do not overcrowd the space.

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