A Plumber’s Guide to Bathroom Renovations: 6 Reasons You Need To Hire a Professional

When it comes to bathroom renovation, there are things you can DIY, however, plumbing shouldn't be one of them. Find out why using a licensed plumber is important.
Save Money on Your Bathroom Remodel with these tips

When it comes to bathroom renovation, there are things you can do yourself, however, plumbing should be left to professionals. Here are a few bathroom renovation tips as well as reasons why using a licensed plumber is important. 

Before you start

You should visualise the end result and work backward from there. The position of fixtures will ultimately dictate the bathroom layout, or points where water and power will be connected. When that is done, start planning and mapping timeframes and overlaps. If you stay in the house during the renovation, consider adjusting your living arrangements. Many homeowners start with demolitions without giving much thought to the end result and the events that lead to it. 

Avoid common mistakes

One of the most seen mistakes is that people purchase expensive feature pieces and hope to retrofit around them, without considering the whole picture. One of dangers of tackling the renovation yourself is that it’s too easy to forgo practicality and let your emotions lead. Another common mistake is the budget, as people sometimes fail to realise how much renovations cost, and even less how easy it is to go overboard. 

Conserve hot water

These days, there are a lot of ways to make a bathroom sustainable without breaking the bank. Energy efficient systems are a great way of saving hot water. Instead of having hot water sitting in the tank all day, you can find affordable instant hot water systems. While considerably more expensive to install, a solar hot water system gives a lot in return, especially in places where sunny days are abundant. By adding a circulating pump to your hot water system, you’re keeping the system warm and ready to provide instant hot water with minimal heat losses. 

Go with licensed plumber

Encouraged by YouTube videos, homeowners sometimes believe they can tackle the plumbing themselves. With so many things that can go wrong after an amateur plumbing work, leaks are definitely the most annoying. If pipes aren’t joined and sealed correctly or if substandard equipment and tools are used, any kind of scenario is possible. This North Shore plumber, for instance, keeps pace with the latest trends and technologies for modern bathroom renovation and employs only licensed professionals who use state-of-the-art equipment, maximizing client satisfaction with every project.  

Consider water recycling

A simple greywater system can save you a lot of money by reusing bathroom water in the garden. Water from the shower and sink can be used for watering plants, provided that detergents and soap compounds are filtered. There are even some toilet designs that have a sink on top – every drop you use for washing your hands and face is saved and then used to flush the toilet. Even the simplest, $0 methods like having a bucket in the shower to be sued for flushing or in the garden add up to water conservation.  

Choose sustainable fittings

In some countries it is now mandatory for all newly installed showers, toilet equipment, faucets, washing machines and other appliances that use water to carry a label that guarantees water efficiency, as an initiative by their governments to help households conserve water. By choosing products with the water efficiency rating, consumers can easily pick sustainable fixtures. The more stars on the label, the less water the product will use. Aerating faucet and shower nozzles, for example, reduce the flow but maintain the desired pressure by mixing water and air. 

Key Takeaway

Apart from increasing the value of your home, a bathroom renovation can change the way you use water and energy. While certain cosmetic and decorative sub-projects can be tackled by a DIY-savvy owner, the plumbing department is definitely best left to pros. 

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