Why It’s Best to Hire Outside Help for Major Home Updates

Thinking of renovating or updating your home? Here are five reasons why it's best to hire outside help for major home updates.

Thanks to increased income and renovation programs DIY home updates are extremely popular. Unfortunately, so are the injuries that occur when homeowners don’t take precautions. In fact, pick any type of DIY operation and there’s an injury statistic connected to it.

For example, more than half of home update injuries are on the hands, fingers, and feet. Over 30 percent of DIY damage is due to lacerations and punctures. The list goes on.

It also doesn’t matter the climate. Non-professionals who attempt roof repair in Austin, Texas have the same number of injuries as someone in Albany, New York. This is why it’s best to bring on organizations, like an Ace Roofing Texas, to help out.

Here are some reasons why it’s best to hire outside help for major home updates.

Subject Matter Experts

The professionals who put on the tool belts and use the power tools aren’t amateurs. They are subject matter experts (SMEs) in their industry. Even if they apprentice with another worker, they still have the experience to help out.

The fact they’re SMEs give them an upper hand in-home repairs and renovations. They know the ways to efficiently make renovations. At the same time, they minimize the risk of injury. Basically, they’ve been there and know how to avoid the pitfalls.


When a homeowner decides to work on DIY updates, they increase the cost. This isn’t only in materials. It’s also the costs connected with injuries.
Even a “minor” issue like a deep cut or sprained ankle can cost in hospital fees and lost time at work. Furthermore, the homeowner will have to hire a professional anyway to finish the update, and that will up the bill.

Peace of Mind

When outside help is hired for major home updates, the company utilized normally has guarantees to back up their work. If something fails or construction is considered poor, they will come back and make the necessary repairs.

Another item under the peace of mind is knowing the homeowner won’t be liable should an accident take place. Normally, respectable home update companies have their own insurance to cover injuries at the workplace.

Family Members

Homeowners aren’t the only ones susceptible to injury when they decide to do major home updates. Their family members are also at risk. Should they work on something that could break off the house, a child or partner could suffer more than a puncture wound.

Outside organizations make sure this doesn’t occur. They clear the areas of all debris as they move forward. Sometimes, they’ll block off an entrance to prevent the entry of other family members and pets.

Quicker Completion

Even when a homeowner believes they know everything there is about a DIY project, they don’t. As a result, they may need to do more research. In another scenario, they might give up completely. In turn, there can be a lot of unfinished projects that not only look shabby but can be harmful.

Normally, it doesn’t take outside to help a long time to complete a project. True, it will take several months if it’s a complete renovation. However, small projects might take as little as a few weeks. Plus, they don’t give up when the task gets too complicated.

Overall, what this means is outside help should always be the first place to go when a homeowner requires major updates. Though they might be able to install drywall or paint, they’ll need assistance if framing or other tasks are needed.

This is especially true when dealing with complicated tasks. For instance, rewiring a home or repairing a leak. If a homeowner incorrectly addresses these updates, the result can be a true disaster. Anything related to the roof is also something that requires outside help. Replacing shingles, fixing flashes, and even cleaning gutters can result in serious injury. They also hurt the home’s exterior.

Should homeowners be wary about outside help, the best thing to do is ask around. Find out who their neighbors used for home improvements. They can also search the internet for unsolicited reviews of a company. Major home updates are not tasks to take lightly. Homeowners need to thoroughly research outside options for quality work and timely completion.

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