5 Ways to Make Your Home a Comfy and Cozy Retreat Year Round

The Danish concept of hygge is all about creating joy and coziness in life. Here are 5 tips to transform your space into a comfortable and cozy retreat.
Make Your Home Reflect Your Style

Your home is a personal reflection of you. It is a place where you should be able to unwind and feel completely at peace. If you think about your home and these feelings don’t come to mind, it’s time for a revamp. Transform your space into a comfortable and cozy retreat by adopting the hygge lifestyle.

Based on the Danish way of life, hygge (hoo-gah) is becoming increasingly popular in the U.S. Even if you aren’t one for the latest trends, hygge is still worth a try. This concept is all about making yourself as comfy as possible to evoke feelings of contentment and happiness, it has even been credited as the reason Denmark and other Nordic countries are ranked as some of the happiest in the world.

Here’s what you should do to increase your happiness and make your home comfy and cozy year round.


Lighting has a large impact on our mood and has the power to change the way we think or feel. Bringing natural light into your space has a positive effect on us and relates directly to happiness. Open your curtains and let the light in to easily brighten up your home.

For nights or gloomier days, use soft lighting for an instant coziness that is also less harsh on your eyes. This is as easy as lighting a few candles, hanging string lights or installing softer light bulbs.


Incorporating self-care into a daily routine has widely grown in popularity over the past few years as more people recognize the value it has overall happiness. That being said, you should have a bathroom that allows pampering yourself to the fullest and helps you escape from reality. If you find yourself dreaming of the contentment that only a bubble bath can bring but don’t have the right tools, now may be the right time for a full bathroom remodel. Imagine what features like a rainfall showerhead, a tub roomy enough for a proper bath and enough storage for all your treats could do for you.


Bedrooms tell you a lot about a person, the things they love and how they like to relax. Still, there are some universal truths about making a bedroom as comfortable for sleep as possible. For example, make sure you have a mattress that meets your needs and is as comfortable as possible. If you’re starting to wake up with back pain or have trouble getting comfy in bed, it’s time to consider new mattress options. You should also leave all electronics out of your room and away from your bed, as they disrupt the natural sleep cycle.

Try adding accents like cozy throws and plush pillows to your bed for both decor and for days where you just feel like holing up in your room and reading.


Nothing evokes that warm and fuzzy feeling inside you quite like surrounding yourself with things that bring back great memories. Whether it’s the quilt your grandma made you when you were little placed on your couch or family pictures decorating the hallways, everyone has certain things that make them smile when they see it. Scattering items like these in different areas of your home ensures that there is always going to be something there that will make you happy.

Key Takeaway

While hygge is mostly known as a trend, it is also a state of mind and way of life. By making and decorating your home with things that are both comfortable and cozy, you are putting yourself on the track to contentment and pure happiness. And that’s what makes a house a home.

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