Tips To Enhance Small Interior Design Details

Whether it is a small studio or a flat with only a couple of rooms and a design with natural materials, or a big Japanese-style family apartment with a myriad of small pots, pans, porcelain cups and bits that are flawlessly arranged on dozens of shelves – there is always something more to pick up and shine. These are the small details from the interior design, which can become some of the most frequently moved objects from one room to another. Yet the different combinations ensure plenty of different atmospheres and moods.

Tips to pop up small details from the interior design


Functional Decorations

Let’s begin with small flower pots with decorative flowers or vegetables or even fruit trees. Or else, let’s take all of them in one single pot. Plant small cherry tomatoes in a decorative bucket, then plant a couple of seeds of fruit trees between the tomatoes. Finish with flower seeds all around the bucket. It’s definitely worth it to wait for the plants to grow, especially if you put dozens of small decorative buckets hanging everywhere on the walls. They will become your favorite removable objects for decoration of the porch or of the terrace in the summer.

Add Light Effects

Tips to pop up small details from the interior design2

You can also add a wonderful embossing effect to textured walls and surfaces by placing small table lamps at key points in the room. According to the space and the arrangement of the other objects in the interior, you can take a pick of a sufficient amount of light so it stays soft in the night and it is yet powerful enough to lighten the curtains, the small tiny pebbles of a stone wall for example, or the beautiful leafs of decorative plants, etc.

Think Outside (or Inside) The Box

Highlight small details by making them a part of a big detail. For instance, put your favorite decorations in a frame. From small pictures, to clocks and vases – they will definitely shine if you put them in a frame. The custom-made frames for pictures are the perfect solution. Just make sure to choose the right contrasting color for the background of the image so to bring up the true color of the small decorative item in the overall picture.

Add Decorative Elements in Unexpected Spots

Tips to pop up small details from the interior design3

Equip the main tables or the side tables in the house with small details as well. The right choice of the details is essential for the effect that you want to achieve, while the effect should be even greater if you dress the windows with new coverings or curtains. Choose ones that are more transparent. They will wash light easily through the heart of the room and therefore all small details will jazz up the tables via awesome game of shadows and reflections. The small details could also easily be relocated to another room according to the season. They are easy for packing and preparing for superb removal services if you plan the interior design for a new house.

De-Clutter Kid’s Keepsakes 

Reorganize most of the kid’s toys and items in the kids room. From school items to toys and even clothes – all these items can easily change into pieces from the decoration of the kids room if you place them in the perfect spots. For instance, a custom-made painting with a number of cup-like sections are perfect for small removals and storage of the tinier items. Your kids will always be able to find little things they are looking for, AND – they will transform any wall into a real masterpiece.

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