Psychology of Design: How Interior Decor Changes Your Mood

Your home's décor can considerably affect your overall mood. Follow these tips to create a space where your décor and design flow through your apartment or house smoothly.
Can Your Decor Affect Your Emotion?

Have you noticed how your mood instantly changes as soon as you enter a room? Depending on its design, this mood swing can be either for better or for worse. When it comes to your home, the décor and design should work towards letting the positive vibrations flow through the apartment or house smoothly. Your home doesn’t have to make you solemn and tired anymore. Soon, it will be the first thing you picture anytime you want to go to your happy place.

Teach the world to sing in perfect harmony

Your world- your home- can sing in perfect harmony only if you have the right tools. The most popular and most effective way to utilize good energy and bring harmony into your home is feng-shui. As an ancient Chinese tradition, it has been practiced for over 30000 years. The facts it’s so popular today proves it’s working.

Because everything will be in its rightful place, you’ll be able to live in an environment which inspires calm, serenity, and a more stable mental state. It’s going to be really hard to resist and escape the good energy and warm joy surfacing all around your home- so don’t.

Be who you are

Your furniture has the most power to show the world who you are. The style you choose can convey the most compelling message about your personality. So, use this to express yourself freely. Show you’re a down to earth and practical person by opting for Scandinavian style furniture. These pieces were inspired by nature, testified by their natural and warm colors and natural materials used, but are also very functional. Sometimes they even have multi-purposes.

If you’re a restless soul not at peace with consumerism and excess decorating trends of the modern world, minimalism is your go-to trend. It will open up your space completely, strip it of the overwhelming and useless details, and bring its beautiful core to the surface. Choosing a style that goes best with you will help you feel more at home. Nothing can wash you over with a sense of calm more.

Shine a light on me

Natural light is the best friend your home can have. Artificial light has the power to bring you down, drain your energy, give you a headache, and make it hard to focus on anything. You can see how these effects cause frustrations and negative feelings. That’s why big windows are necessary for your house. The excess of natural light will give you more vitamin D, make you more energized, and fill you with warmth.

In turn, you’ll have better and more stable mental health. Not to mention stress will be less of an issue. The simplest way to introduce more light into your home is with big windows. Of course, you’ll need very precise professional drafting so as to ensure maximum aesthetic and functional properties. Enjoying the view with a cup of coffee in your hand, while the morning sun lights up your face will be your new favorite activity.

I see your true colors

It’s true, colors have various effects on our moods. That’s why we “see red” and “feel blue”. When it comes to interior design, this is great news as it means you can directly influence how your rooms affect you. Lighter and brighter colors are great for inspiring creativity and energy, while pastel and natural tones bring calm and serenity.

Each room can have a different accentual or wall color. Closed off areas should be neutral and light so as to avoid feeling clustered and like you’re constantly in the dark. On the other hand, if you have exceptionally lit up and bright rooms at your disposal, you can feel free to play with darker tones. Yellow is said to inspire joy and happiness, while green is associated with growth. If you’re aiming for a feeling of playfulness, red and orange could be your tones. Finally, introduce a sense of calm with blue.

Key Takeaway

Redecorating isn’t a simple or effortless thing to do. You’ll need lots of time and patience, but will be greatly rewarded in the end. Your peace and serenity will be restored, but the happiness and joy will creep up on you. There’s a chance you won’t even notice how much warmer and lighter you feel with every step deeper into the house. It’s simply going to be a feeling that envelops you fully and becomes part of you. The only side-effect might be that your cheeks will strain from too much smiling.

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