Home Decor: How to Make a Statement With Art and Decor

Want to learn how to decorate your home with colors & designs that energize you? Here's the perfect way to get your artwork ready to decorate your walls!

Many of us have been spending a lot of time at home lately. If you’re studying your decor and are less than inspired by what’s on your walls, it may be time to shake things up. For those who would love to put up something bolder, consider using something a bit more modern to draw the eye.

When You’re Ready to Go Big and Bright

Adding extra large abstract wall art to your living space can actually be a great inspiration to do some redecorating. If your walls and floors are a neutral tone that goes with a lot of different colors, all the better!

Once the large piece is up, study the color saturation. The most common color will stand on its own. As you redecorate, pick things to match the less dominant color. For example, if the dominant color is green, don’t add green. If the secondary color is purple, carefully review the rest of the room. Do you have a bookcase in the room? Add a decorative piece, such as a vase or a bookend, in purple. Now work your way through the other colors. Pillows, sofa throws, and plant pots can all be updated to create a striking and pulled-together room.

Size Considerations

If you have two big pieces, don’t hang them both in one space. Mix and match little and big pieces. Should you find a small photograph that you love, frame it with a large mat in a color that compliments a permanent fixture, such as a curtain or furniture cushion, and use it as a focal point in the space.

The way that you frame and display your favorite photos can make decorating both fun and cheap. For example, an old multi-panel window can be turned into a custom frame for sepia-toned photographs. If your older kids really hate their pictures and don’t want them on the wall, mix grandma’s baby photo up with your children’s baby pictures for an interesting contrast.

Spacing is Key

Should you already have a small collection of framed photographs, consider hanging them in a snug cluster on the wall. Use your measuring tape and don’t let anything be more than two inches from the next piece.

Matting and framing can make a huge difference when putting up extremely small images. For example, you can use all black frames for consistency, then use an alternating mat color to create a checkerboard effect from across the room. If possible, put this pattern on the farthest visible wall from your front door. As guests enter, they will be drawn to the pattern and to study the small images up close. Your home will feel huge as guests are compelled to walk across it!

DIY a Big Piece

If you’re ready for a large piece of artwork but don’t quite have the budget for it, don’t despair. You can create remarkable art with a large canvas, spray paint, and silk flowers or leaves. To start, paint the canvas one single color with latex paint and a brush. Use a cross-hatch pattern as you paint so you cover the whole canvas with tiny X’s; this will create a more interesting background than just rolling on one color of paint.

Once this has completely dried, lay silk flowers and leaves out on the canvas. Lightly spray them with one color of spray paint in a contrasting tone to the base paint. If you used a yellow base, use purple spray paint. Red contrasts with green and blue with orange. Shake the spray paint well and keep the tip clean to avoid spattering; you just want a dusting of color to fall around the silk flowers. When this dries, remove the flowers and leaves. You can just go with a simple silhouette, or you can lay the silk flowers leaves back down and go for another layer of spray paint color. Over time, you can build up variegated layers of shadows that are endlessly interesting to study.


Decorating isn’t hard if you really think about the colors that energize you and the feeling you want in your home. Not everyone can afford a decorator, but you can still enjoy remarkable bursts of color and wall art that will inspire you and make you proud of your home.

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