6 Creative Ways To Bring a Dash Of Art Into Your Small Home

Want to decorate your home but think you don't have enough space? Think again! Here are 6 super creative ways to bring a dash of art into the tiniest space.

Maybe you have always been an art enthusiast… Or maybe you would just like to refresh your home creatively by bringing some art into it, but you have never had the courage of doing it since you could barely even fit all the needed furniture in your home. Even before you start worrying about how to incorporate art pieces into your already tiny and cozy home, let us tell you – art does not need much space! There is much more to displaying art then hammer and nails, and every person in a creative business can tell you that. But for now, here are some super hip ways of bringing a dash of art into your small home.

A Bookshelf Is Not Only Meant For Books

We all encounter those bookshelves with empty spaces between books… Because, let’s be honest – you probably do not have that many books, to cover your entire shelf (if we are talking about one that covers your entire wall). And what a better purpose for it can be, than putting some of the smaller art pieces on it? It will not look monotonous, and you will bring some refreshment for your bookshelf! If your bookshelves are not that big, and you have them all filled with books, we recommend moving a few books somewhere else and creating a space for just a tiny bit of art.

Make A Statement

Some of us use jewelry, some of us use furniture… And some of us use art to make a statement. Use large format art piece, best would be in the center of your living area. That way art creates a focal point for your room, and it most definitely will not get unnoticed. Also, by using one large, centerpiece, you will not need a lot of artworks to make yourself feeling surrounded by beautiful art.

Create Some Space With The Help Of Room Dividers

It is not a secret that room dividers have not only been used for diving the room – thus it has also been used by many galleries, street exhibition organizers, and even schools for displaying art and creative works. You can find cheap portable room dividers on various websites and furniture shops. It will not empty your wallet, and it will create plenty of surface for artworks. If you are more on the artistic side, you can also use it to make small pop-up exhibitions in your home.

Opportunity In Narrow Spaces

Most of the times you cannot escape the awkward, narrow spaces in your home that you probably avoid using, even though it does not serve a single thing. Sometimes we even think that architects do that on purpose because those spaces are perfect for hanging some art and creating small galleries!  Just be careful with the style of art you are using it for – if it is an unapproachable area, hang more expressive pieces that can be seen from afar and do not require detailed looking, and vice-versa.

Use The Space Of Your Entire Home – Literally

Art is not reserved just for your living room and the space above your bed in a bedroom, so do not be afraid to step up your game! Use all the space you can – bathrooms, kitchen, hallway… Whatever is there for you to use. It will definitely create a home with flowing creative energy, and your friends are going to love it when they come over, for sure.

Don’t Forget The Floor!

Yes, you read that one correctly. Floor. There is not a trend that is more hip and artsy than placing large format pieces on your floor. Let’s say that you have small, minimalist bedroom, with only sleeping bed, desk, and wardrobe. You feel like you can do something about it to spice it up and make it feel more welcoming and cool at the same time, but you never had an idea what that could be. I would strongly suggest putting some of the artwork on the floor, maybe next to your wardrobe or a desk. It will give your room a certain nonchalant look – classy just enough, but with a twist.

Key Takeaway

Hopefully, this opened up your vision of how displaying art pieces should look like. Not that anything is wrong with hammer and nails, but there are also many other possibilities. Now that you have some insight, you can go and take out that forgotten dusty painting your friend gave you years ago, or some artsy photographs of your friends and family, and showcase it proudly in your cozy home.

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