Contemporary Home Staging: How to Do It Like a Pro

When you're putting your house on the market, the presentation can be the key to selling faster & for a better price. Here are 5 pro tips to stage your home.

Selling a house you’ve lived in and loved can be a particularly challenging task. Apart from taking care of all the legal requirements and making sure everything is in peak condition for the maximum ROI, you’ll need to take care of your house’s appeal as well. Home staging is basically a form of art, where you have to consider every aspect of its visual appeal carefully and create an environment that will make the potential buyers feel comfortable, pleasant and at home.

However, if you fail to do it right, you may end up discouraging potential buyers or even destroying your house’s vibe completely. Keep in mind that, when staging your home, you are not decorating it for your personal enjoyment. Rather, you are doing so to highlight all of its potentials. So, here’s what you should do.

Know your potential buyers

Doing a thorough market research and identifying your potential buyers will help you immensely when home staging is concerned. Think about it, every generation has certain common points of interest. For example, baby boomers are increasingly looking to downsize and embrace a more minimalist lifestyle (and homes); Millennials, on the other hand, are all about comfort, multifunctionality and uniqueness. Once you know your potential buyer’s persona, you’ll have a better understanding of the vibe you should go for. Finally, the importance of setting aside your personal preferences can’t be stated enough.

Consider the style

Again, once you identify your audience, it will help you determine the overall style you should go for. You should definitely avoid styles that are too overwhelming or that will appear too personal, like the eclectic look, and think more in terms of an interior with minimalist artwork, sleek elegant furniture, and clean lines.

Contemporary property styling solutions underline that you should also avoid making your home look like an average house from home magazines, which you can achieve by creating an accent wall or implementing an eye-catching statement piece in your room decor. Determining the color for the statement wall will again depend on your target audience – something bold and vibrant for Millennials; something more neutral for the older generations, while a statement piece can be anything from a mirror with a live edge wooden frame to an elaborate chandelier.

Boost the lighting

Lighting plays a huge role in house staging as it does in the overall world of interior design. No matter how well you manage to combine various colors, furniture, decor pieces, and different textures and materials, it will all be pretty much in vain if you fail to light it up properly. Therefore, inspect your current lighting solutions and see where there’s room for improvement. Layer the light in every room of your home not only to boost visibility but to additionally highlight some of the key points you think the potential buyers might find particularly interesting. Additionally, don’t forget to invest in LED lights.

Final touches

To top everything off, make sure that you clean your home before the scheduled viewing and get rid of all the clutter. Additionally, make sure that your home not only looks clean but smells clean as well. There are certain scents that have the power to affect us on the unconscious level, therefore affecting our mood. So, for example, consider citrusy smells for areas where you want to enhance cleanliness, such as the bathroom, relaxing herbs, such as lavender, for the bedroom, green tea aroma for the living room and sweet vanilla for the kitchen.

Key Takeaway

When staging your home, you should avoid following your personal preferences as you are not the one who will be living there. Instead, try to make it as appealing as possible to your potential buyers and thus boost your chances of selling your home faster.

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