Create the Illusion of More Space in Your Small and Stylish Home

Small doesn't have to mean boring or unstylish. Make the most of your space with these decorating ideas for small rooms from top designers.
How to make a small space look BIG

If you happen to live in a big city apartment or a fancy urban neighborhood, you probably can’t boast with too much space in your home. However, don’t look at your small living space as something that will limit your design for as long as you live! Instead, take it as a challenge and go looking for new ways to visually enlarge your space. Here are a few tricks to get you started.

Open up your space

If you have to navigate the furniture maze to get from one to the other side of the room, it will totally ruin your flow and make the space look cramped. So, try to free the walkways to open up the space and create an illusion of a huge room—if you see plenty of the floor, you’ll automatically think the space is larger. One of the best ways to do so is to place pieces against the wall or opt for shorter armless sofas or ottomans.

Boost natural lighting

Making a small room brighter can achieve amazing results size-wise. The warm light of the sun will open up the space and eliminate shadows and dark corners that usually create that boxed-in feeling. So, opt for a light and airy window treatment and remove all bulky furniture pieces away from the window to let the sun further into your home. This will also give you a nice outdoor view that will create an illusion of space.

Opt for magical colors

Ask any expert about the best color choice for small spaces and they will all say white! White has amazing reflective properties that can make a room feel open, light and bright. So, choose any off-white shade, paint walls AND ceilings and watch what happens: the line that separates walls and ceilings will practically disappear and make ceilings seem higher! A white or beige high-quality rug can boost your comfort but not take up too much visual space. It will also anchor the room and give it a steady base around which you can build your furniture and décor.

However, if white’s just not your cup of tea, darker colors can also work to achieve the illusion of space if used right. Opt for darker hues that are relaxing (think charcoal, navy, deep blue or even purple) but add style to any space. But, remember to balance the dark paint with lighter elements! Additionally, you can even try something more daring and opt for stripes that will elongate the walls and make the space look interesting.

Choose low-profile furniture

Oversized and heavy furniture will overwhelm the space and make it feel smaller. However, low-profile sofas and armchairs (pieces that are closer to the floor), especially models that are very minimalist and streamlined can provide just the right balance. They will also create some extra wall space for decoration. A large canvas or vertical shelving will draw the eyes upwards and create a feeling of height.

Reduce visual clutter

Utilizing only a few larger pieces of furniture instead of several small ones will reduce visual clutter and open up your space. Less clutter also equals more comfort and relaxation which further contributes to the aesthetics and atmosphere of your home.

See-through materials

Investing in see-through materials can also help reduce clutter! For instance, many small bathroom owners opt for clear, frameless shower enclosures instead of traditional opaque ones. This allows you to see further into the room which gives a small room some extra visual space.

Rely on mirrors

A large mirror can always create the filling of extra space, especially in very small rooms. It helps the light bounce around the room and it makes the eye unsure of the room boundaries – so it makes the space look both larger and brighter! You can always hang the mirror on the wall, but covering your coffee table, side table or vanity with some plate mirror can also help eliminate visual clutter by making your smaller furniture pieces practically disappear.

Key Takeaway

Small doesn’t have to mean uncomfortable, ugly and claustrophobic. These pro design tips and secrets will help you make the best use of your small spaces and allow you to see your space from a brand new angle.

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