Top Flooring Trends That Will Dominate 2018

Looking to replace your old, worn-out floors with something stylish and durable? Here are the top flooring trends to keep an eye on in 2018.
2018 Flooring Trends

Floors are slowly starting to get the attention of the interior designers and homeowners, even though they’ve always been an integral part of our homes. Today, floors are getting almost the same treatment as furniture, appliances and décor! So, if you want to replace your old, worn-out floors with something stylish and durable, here are the top flooring trends to keep an eye on in 2018.

Green floors

Green and eco-friendly technologies have been very popular for quite some time now, and if you also want to board the hype train, you can start from your floors. Today, there are different green flooring options, from repurposed wood for flooring boards to recycled plastic for carpets and rugs. For instance, there is a company that produces carpets from recycled fishing nets, and a lot of wine and beer bottles end up as recycled glass tiles.

However, the most popular and widely available green flooring is bamboo and cork. These materials are super sustainable (bamboo reaches maturity in 3 years, while cork harvesting can be done every 9 years), easy to install and maintain.

Geometry is in

Just like in the last few years, geometry is still going strong. People love geometric floors because they add a lot of interest to the space while staying true to minimalist or contemporary vibe. This year, make sure to opt for Plexwood floors that can be combined in many different ways to create intricate yet subtle patterns. Additionally, the wood used in Plexwood floors is harvested from sustainable forests and their final product contains no VOCs, so it’s also quite a green option.

Decorative concrete

With the popularization of industrial, contemporary and minimalist style, concrete is starting to be used not only on the exterior but in the interior as well. More and more people are choosing to decorate their interior with stylish decorative concrete. It’s an especially popular option for kitchens and entryways because its amazingly durable and water-resistant. Additionally, it’s much less expensive than natural stone or marble. The polished variety is perfect for interiors while the exposed version is most commonly used for the exteriors like driveways, garden paths or outdoor rooms. Decorative concrete goes well with all kinds of furniture, so you won’t have to replace your entire interior when renovating your floors!

Modular carpets

What do you get when you combine tiles and carpeting? The answer is modular carpets that are beautiful, easy to install and replace. These carpets allow for an easy combination of different carpet tiles which results in an endless variety of colors and patterns. Plus, if you spill something or some tiles get worn-out, you can easily replace them and leave the rest of your carpet intact!

Colored wood

Color stained wood is huge right now. It can add subtle color and life into your home or boost relaxation. Blue and red stained wood are especially popular for playrooms and kids’ bedrooms because of its playful and youthful look that’s interesting enough that you won’t even need a colorful rug or too many additional decorations.

Graphic tiles

If you want to use your home as an art gallery, you can use your floors as a giant canvas. Graphic tiles are going to be huge in 2018 and the years that follow, especially with people who are not afraid to be bold in design and love unique interiors. Tile manufacturers today can replicate any design you want on your tiles. This can mean one reoccurring pattern or rather a huge jigsaw puzzle that creates an image or a design on your floors.

Key Takeaway

Traditional flooring options are still popular, but younger homeowners aren’t really satisfied with their boring look and not-so-good properties. In 2018, some new materials will take over the flooring scene. No matter which one you choose, green flooring, colorful wood or decorative concrete, it will certainly give your home a new charm.

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