Home Building: 5 Best Tips for Landscape Design

Is the landscape of your home ready for a makeover? Follow these 5 considerations to help you develop a landscape that's beautiful now and in the future.

Landscaping a new home seems simple. Throwdown some sod, add some basic shrubs and plant a tree or two. The fact is you need to do a lot more to develop a beautiful landscape that’s going to thrive. Let’s look at what you need to consider before you start planting.

How Good Is the Soil?

A lot of newer homes have yards filled with sterile fill dirt. About the only thing that will grow in that type of soil is weeds. An easy way to get nutrients into the soil is to add composted material like cow manure or grass clippings. Work it into the soil before you start planting. Your green lawn will thank you.

Where Does the Sun Hit?

Some plants thrive in full sun, while others need a lot of shade. Before you plant anything, you need to identify what areas of the yard get a lot of sun and what gets some shade. That will determine the selection and positioning of plants in the yard. Also, look at where the water flows when you get rain.

What Do You Want in Your Landscape?

A landscape is more than just some sod and plants. It’s a place for your family to live and play. Do you want a big deck for entertaining? Do you need lawn space for an impromptu soccer game? Are you looking for lots of flowers or a native landscape? According to Berg Landscape Architects, a company that specializes in landscape design in Utah, you should take time to identify what you really want in your landscape. Make yours the landscape design homeowners want.

How Much Work Do You Want to Do?

Your new home’s landscape will take work to establish and maintain. A simple lawn needs to be watered, fertilized, and mowed, especially during the warmer months. Lots of planting beds require routine weeding and mulching to keep them healthy and looking good. You need to be willing to do the work yourself or hire someone to handle it for you.

What Do You Already Have?

If you bought your home from a builder, the yard likely already has some plants in it. It might even have sod. Before you plant anything new, identify what you have. You may be able to use some of that. Or you may find that you want to rip everything out and start over.

These considerations will help you develop a landscape that’s beautiful now and in the future. You’ll know it’s time well spent when you have the best landscape in the neighborhood.

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