Kitchen Styles & Elements That Will Always Be in Vogue

Are you finding it difficult to commit to a design or style for your kitchen? Here are 5 kitchen design solutions that have graced the covers of Vogue.

What’s a “Vogue” Kitchen?

Trends in the field of interior design are changing rapidly, so, it’s no wonder that you find it so hard to decide on how you should decorate your kitchen since no one knows what will be trendy in just a couple of months.

However, there is no need for despair since some design solutions have managed to pass the test of time, and it seems that they’ll keep appearing on the covers of Vogue for a very long time.

Let’s take a look at some of them.

Open concept kitchens

…you’ll have a chance to talk to your family and guests while preparing food and thus enjoy this activity even more.

Open concept kitchens have gained quite a lot in popularity recently and they go perfectly with the rest of the modern home design.

Not only will your kitchen be more spacious and allow you to incorporate many high-tech appliances, but you’ll have a chance to talk to your family and guests while preparing food and thus enjoy this activity even more. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

Marble countertops

With every new season, different countertops can be seen on the covers of home improvement magazines. However, they come and go, but the marble ones seem to stay. Owing to their refined style and sophisticated properties, your kitchen will look super elegant, and you’ll simply enjoy spending your time there.

On top of that, marble is well-known as a durable material, so you can even consider these countertops to be a life-long investment.

Finally, they are easy to clean, which is extremely important since you can’t show off your creativity in the kitchen without spilling a few drops here and there.

Stainless steel appliances

Kitchen appliances are the most important part of every kitchen, and it seems that Australians and Americans alike really do appreciate the high-quality ones.

You’ll hardly find a kitchen in Australia or the U.S. without at least one stainless steel appliance, be that an electric oven or a refrigerator. Once you buy an appliance like that, it will be clear that you’re set for a long time, and

even if it happens that it requires some minor repairs, you’ll know that it is certainly worth the investment.

Therefore, if you live in the capital of New South Wales and one of Australia’s largest cities, it’s not surprising that the reliable appliance repairs in Sydney have shown to be the most practical solution in such cases.


Functional and decorative lighting

Kitchen lighting must be well-layered if you want it to look great and be practical at the same time. Therefore, you should opt for a task light that will be strong enough so that you can see what you’re doing while cooking. However, this doesn’t mean that you should stick just to that one.

Instead, feel free to add some ambiance lights as well. Here, you’ll have a chance to express your creativity and install lighting that will also serve as great decoration, making your kitchen look truly chic.

We guarantee you that once your layered lighting has been installed and ready to use, you’ll realize why it is bound to stay on the covers of famous magazines for a very long time.


Neutral colors

Choosing the color for your kitchen is maybe the toughest decision since with every new season and every new Pantone’s report different hues can be seen on the covers of Vogue.

However, have you noticed that no matter whether a purple or a green is pronounced to be the color of the year, some more neutral shades are always present?

So, if you want to play it safe, we advise you to opt for them. Of course, when we say neutral, we don’t mean boring, so, instead of sticking to white, think about other possibilities as well.

For example, our favorite of the beautiful Swedish blue-greys which are pleasant to the eye and can go well with many different designs.

Key Takeaway

In all, creating a dream kitchen whose popularity won’t fade away that quickly is not that hard after all.  You just need to consider all the possible options and go for those that you find the most suitable for your home.

Finally, keep in mind that following trends doesn’t mean that you can’t express your own personality and chose the design according to your own likings.

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